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Azkaban, except that I've read it so many times that there's no anticipation left. I can continue most of it in my head. XD But Lupin is my favorite, and that's the only book he manages to be a real presence in. I was actually quite disappointed to realize this series was "Harry Potter," not "Harry Potter's Amazing Friends and Their Strange World."

In other news, our keyboard died some time ago, and Sam just got a new one off a friend. Hannah's birthday was last Saturday, and one of her gifts was tickets to the Lion King show. And she invited me along~ I had a blast, seriously, it was awesome. It was condensed, like most Vegas transplant shows, but oh. My. God. No disappointments. Things that I question, but no disappointments. I bought the CD soundtrack and am listening to it right now.

I will say, though, that neither the Broadway soundtrack guy nor the Vegas guy can possibly compare to the movie rendition of "Be Prepared." Ohsomuchevil. The Vegas Scar was a bit hammier than I would have expected, but his voice was absolutely magnificent.

Also, Zazu > Timon & Pumbaa. It's only seeing the story again now that I realize just how little Timon and Pumbaa contribute. They're just kinda moronic. XP I knew there was a reason I never liked the TV show... Granted, um, Pumbaa's style of humor has never appealed to me. I'm too prissy, I guess.

I think my favorite part was when Scar told Zazu to sing something more cheerful, and he breaks out a perfectly hammy "VIIIIVA LAS VEGAS!" I think that got the biggest laugh in the show. (For those keeping track at home, in the movie, he goes into a delightfully sarcastic rendition of "It's a small world, after all..." before Scar moans "NO! Anything but that!")

The lady who plays Nala had an awesome voice. She did not need a microphone. I was really looking forward to "Shadowland," Nala's stage-only song, and I was not disappointed. Very powerful.

I also enjoyed that there was a scene specifically for Rafiki, Sarabi and Nala to mourn. Sarabi, I have always felt, got a raw deal in the movie. (I had a picture book that is all about Mufasa courting her and meeting Zazu, though, and it was ♥) I adore Sarabi--I have no idea why.

Also, random lolicon is random! (Okay, Nala is grown up when Scar tries to get her, but "lolicon" is fun to say.)

Loved the touch of PTSD they gave Simba.

The chick who played Rafiki was absolutely wonderful.

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