Apr. 17th, 2004

Hello, all

Apr. 17th, 2004 06:46 pm
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Livejournal seems to be rather popular now.

To get on with it (I almost said commence, darn you Jane Eyre...), today was a big choir/band yard sale. There were kitties! There were adorable, baby month old kitties. They were so cuuute. I wanted one, but I didn't want to take care of it. I got to carry it around though, and tell everyone that this cute furry little face wanted to go home with them because he loved them. But he really wanted to go home with me because he loved me! (I'm playing.) He was cuddling in my vest (I bought a jean vest and a pair of sandals there, plus I bought back a yarn doll I made and a Animorphs book -_- that got tossed in accidently. Silly Daddy.). And Ashley's sweater. But he still loved me best. Kirk and another girl took them home. But they were climbers! We put them in the back of Hannah's trunk and they (boy and girl) kept trying to get out. "Where are you going, sir?" "Hey, Missy, you get back in there."

I almost died from the cuteness.

Anyway. Both yard sales, I got stuck for awhile trying to sell off the dregs of the last fundraisers. Poinsettias then, flower cards now. Argh. I tried being clever; the cards were $20 and you get a free bouquet every month for a year. Of course, my mouth and my brain don't always communicate properly and sometimes what I say makes no sense. It sounds terribly witty in my head, and sounds completely stupid out my mouth. "Buy a card! Bouquest every month! Your significant other won't know what hit you!" Mr. Kappursky (probably spelled that wrong; he's the band teacher no one likes) 'corrected' me by saying "what hit them" and that isn't what I meant! Sigh.

It was Miss Palermo's birthday, so the plan was for no one to say anything and make her think we forgot. Then I ran back to her with the sign and told her all about I was on the intersection at the school and holding my sign for twenty minutes (flashing my pale stomach, and possibly jusr above my ass when I turned around. My jeans were kinda low and I was wearing a slightly short shirt-- didn't mention that, though) and no one came into the sale and so on and so forth. And then everyone yelled for her to come to the food stand QUICK and when she got there, all the choir kids (most the kids there; not many people enjoy band these days) sang happy birthday (horribly in our chest voices) and cut TWO cakes.

The musical is coming up, so all the theater kids were rehearsing. So Ashley, Hannah and I evilly loaded some plates with cupcakes, rice krispy treats, and cookies to take to the poor, hungry Thespians. Hah. Shimpock (the teacher) made them sing the opening number before eating, and after commented it was the best he had ever heard them do that song. Cue jokes about food as motivation.

Got home around five, after I helped put the ends away. I usually do. I got a couple snacks, and then came home. I discovered I was slightly sunburned on my cheeks and arms. I usually notice long before it actually happens. Hmm. But hell; I get sunburned all the time. I'm a Florida girl. I just rubbed in some aloe vera when I got home.

My mom and brother were home. Sigh. I accidently mentioned that a package of Christmas cards that had never been opened had made its way to the sale so my mom bitched awhile. Puh-leez. They were like 5 years old. "I was planning to use them this year!" "Mom, you plan to use them every year."

Anyway, my mom left pissed. My brother was eating chocolate and got some on her white shirt. And almost onto the carpet. I was beat from being up since six (although the rest of the gang had been at the school since 5:30; I had the foresight to sign up for the mid shift, though I *tried* to be early). So I was lying on the couch. My brother tried to irritate me into leaving so he could use the webtv.

Granted, I normally hate being in the same room as him. He can't sit still! He makes all this noise! And I scream and hit to get him out, after awhile. I am really an easily irritated person. Really. After a day of dealing with the noisy morons I go to school with, I can't take any noise and foolishness from my brother. So it is kinda of hypocritical of me to sit all docile and try to sleep. I turned away, and he kept talking and yelling at me. I decided to listen to my parents for once (I normally don't) and ignore him. He threw a coke can at me. I continue to ignore him. Then he covered me with a sheet 'so I wouldn't get cold.' Bull. He wanted to look at naked girls without me knowing (He's 12). Then he used a bottle of lotion as a squirt gun and shot the sheet a few times. Then he piled on another blanket and a sleeping bag.

I might have fallen asleep. I don't know. But then I kicked the blankets off because I was suffocating. After awhile (my memory has a habit of not remembering things that, at the time, are deemed unimportant) he took his sock and put it in my face. He has this habit that, whenever he takes his shirt and socks off around me, he throws them in my face. Of course, sweating like a pig seems to be a family trait (no matter how much deoderant I wear...), so it's gross. So I scream. He says what's the matter, I didn't do this, and puts the sock back.
Me: Then why did I smell your sock?
Sam: Your upper lip smells like my sock, see where your nose is?

So he kept trying to demonstrate this by putting the sock in my face and I kept screaming for him to stop. Finally he does and keeps talking. I don't answer, and he calls me a retard that can't talk. He leaves finally, I'm not sure where he is. He says he was going to meet daddy for dinner, but daddy came home and said that he had suggested that to Sam, but Sam said no.

Anyway. It had been raining when I left the Jack in the box fast-crap-food joint where I had a snack on my way home (cheddar and bacon potato wedges, thanks for asking). I mentioned that in passing, so when Sam leaves and it isn't raining, he calls back in "It's not raining, you lying retard." I was just too tired to reply.

Plus I'm on my period. But kudos to me for taking a painkiller BEFORE my cramps kicked in!

It is now 7:45 and Sam left before six. Daddy is home, he is not. I'm worried. I hate him most of the time, but hell. He is my only brother, and there are times we get along.

It is now 7:46 and he just walked in the door. Stupid me. He and daddy are chatting about the above plans. Surprising. It was a misunderstanding, and I expected my quarrelous bro to ignite a huge arguement.

Small miracles do happen. ^_^


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