Apr. 23rd, 2004

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And every minute of it... sucked.

Pardon me, I have an extensive vocabulary, but good old-fashioned 'sucked' described it best.

Really, don't ask me what exactly sucked. But it's been a long, miserable week. I was talking in PE today, to Kim and Heather. They suggested I take a mental health day. End of the year blues. Or something.

You know, it might be a combination of things. End of the year blues, my bloodiest DVD being lost, and the fact that most of my friends are leaving next year.

The last one! THAT'S IT! The secret to my lethargy! (God, I was pissing Kim off, how many times I used the word 'lethargic' this week.) I was puzzling on it Mon. or Tues., it's gotta be it.

Strangely, I do not feel better.

To elaborate: Sammy and Kim are graduating, Heather and Fronzia are going for their GEDs, and Xavier is going to Votech. George will graduate next year, and that leaves me with Amanda (Amy) and Michael.

First, I think Heather and Fronzia are being amazingly stupid. My dad has a GED, it does crap. My mom has a two-year college degree-- also crap. (She dropped out when her dad was hit by a drunk driver, and then I was born some months after.) A GED is only good if a college will take it. And, well, they can get into the local Community college. They are only sophmores-- and that's by age. They're so credit deficient, they're considered freshmen. They will be taking Geometry in college, because they won't have finished Algebra |. Math is evil, you need to take it in order. And it's a kindness to yourself to be ready for Calculus by college-time. Anyway... Community college is all well and good, but... Community college degrees are only so impressive, and only good in the state you earned them. (As far as I've heard.) And now, the kicker: Their parents are pressuring them to go for the GED.

*bangs head* What sane parent encourages you to drop out of school?!?!

Sophmoric is an adjective. It means immature.

Kim and Sam, not much I can do. Xavier, I can bitch at him later. He's in, what's-it's-face, Math... a real low-level math class. It might better for him. As for George, again, not much I can do. He has enough credit to graduate this year, but he wants to go out with his class.

Le Sigh.

I have bad luck; every time I make a group of friends... either they leave, or I do.

You know, it's a pain. I tried to make friends in IB (the magnet program I'm in) but all of them are smart (atashi wa), rich (atashi ja nai yo) or both. And a lot of them are just -mean.- I mean, the non-magnet kids are just as bad, but...

Bad luck all around.


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