Apr. 27th, 2004

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Currently @ the library, just uploaded three fanfics @ ff.n. Including that embarrassing parody... *cringe*

Anyways... from last post, let's see. I didn't finish the mile. My legs hurt like hell and I just didn't care. I talked with Heather... Because I had gotten to the point where quite frankly, I'm not sure I care about anything anymore. I'm homesick. I want to go back to Florida, the weather here is just terrible! And all my friends are leaving, so is there really a point in staying here? The only reason to stay in Sin City is my friends.

But my day got better, never fear. Biology is usually tormenting, but since I got a 91/A on my Lab, I was thrilled. Then Choir, where I learn I get to skip second period on Friday -- no biology! Plus it's assembly schedule, as we learned today, so I might get to skip PE, too.

After that, the day progressed normally, and I almost sank back again until Japanese club. I almost went on Xavier the same way I do on my brother, because he had a Rainstick with him-- you know, instrument with beads that pretty much makes a rain sound? It got annoying.

Afterwards, I got on the bus to go home, and Chris, Michael, and George caught the same bus. ^_^ I guess George realized I was down (probably because I don't demand hugs and hang off him like his other girl-friends, but I did that day), and went home with me. Even bought me a drink. Although if I ever get him to buy me something, I always choose something under a dollar. Not like the time Xavier, Amanda, Chris and Mike all made him buy them lunch at Panda Express.

I dunno, people take advantage of George's good will. And that worries me, the guy is borderline suicidal. As in attempting. Numerous times. Which would just suck, because he's one of the most intelligent people I know. And, shallow as it sounds, he's hot. Seriously. He meets all my criteria for a good boyfriend!

But George has a hellish homelife, his dad sounds like a real -- excuse me -- bastard.

And yet, he can still take the time to have a philosophical conversation with me. I felt great after that.

I managed to get home, watch a little TV, and take a nap before Sam & I went out for dinner. Mom & Dad didn't get home until 10pm, so we went to Subway. =)

Heather and Fronzia went to the park, and since Fronzia already withdrew from school (grr) and I have her DVD... yeah. She didn't mention it, they just wanted me to come hang out, but a) I dared not leace w/out permission (like I checked before I left for school to see if I could go to the library) and b) I am not stupid enough to leave my brother home alone. He's 12, for crying out loud. And not as mature (heh) as I at that age.

As for today, kinda blah. Except I got a Bio test>/i> back. 81/B. I missed one short answer and a little on an essay. Everything else was full credit. *cheers* But I wasn't depressed, at least. ^_^


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