Apr. 29th, 2004

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Some random speech from my recent memory...

Mr. Schmiesing (my Geom. teacher): "Polar geometry. Can you bear it?"

Animerica article: "Hayao Miyazaki, the god of anime..."
Me: "I thought that was Osamu Tezuka."
Sammy: "No, hon, he's the god of manga."
Me: "So we've got a Father and a Son... we need a Holy Ghost."
Sammy: "Oh yeah, Osamu Tezuka is the Father, 'cause manga came first... So, Holy Ghost...
Me: "Pokemon!"

Hannah: "[I don't know what they were talking about]... some people don't give a dang for choir!"
Rayna: "It's okay, Hannah. They don't know what they're missing."
Me: "Yeah, no one likes good music. That's why Eminem is so popular."

(Rayna high-fived me for that one.)

Mr. Schmiesing: "So, we have 5pi over 28pi... Pi is devoured, because it is delicious..."

Mr. Schmiesing: "Find the surface area of the ice cream cone... Pi a la mode."

(My Geometry teacher makes a lot of bad jokes...)

Mr. Walton (the evil college surv. teacher): "Hey, ugly."
Class: "Gee, thanks, Mister."
Mr. Walton then proceeds to read a story from Chicken Soup for the Soul.

[The following conversation was in Japanese, for class]
Sammy: I have a baby!
Me: Oh, is that so? ...Wait... WHAT? Would you like some orange juice?
Sammy: Yes, thank you for treating me!
Me: Who's the dad?
Sammy: I don't know!
Sensei: Sam-san!!!

I have a B average in Biology. I have a pretty sickening rant in my head about two of my friends that I will not post where my mother might see me write it... Erm. More later?

Check out my new fics; my ff.n profile is linked in my lj profile.


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