May. 4th, 2004

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They hooked up the computer!!! Yaaaaaaaay!

I don't think I spelled 'leet' right. I'll have to ask Stuart; he is like a Megatokyo freak and speaks leet 733t better than English at times. ^_^

I was absent from school yesterday. Still dizzy. Made up biology test. Due to not reading the complete chapter, I had no idea what a 'placebo' was. I guessed so totally wrong.

You know, I think I'm burning out. I'm my usual happy self at home, but at school... As soon as I get there, I feel ready to die.

I lost a lot of weight from being sick. My back was still achey. I missed make-up mile. Despite missing several miles this semester, I don't really care.

I was feeling off after lunch, on my way to Japanese. I made Sam slow down with me, because I was getting dizzy and scared. Then again, about my health I frighten easily. I believe my exact words were "Bitch, slow down!" Not nice, but Sammy knows better than to take me seriously. *sigh* We were both late to Japanese. On tardy lockout day. So I have a detention tommorrow. To use one of Sammy's quotes-- "Sucky, sucky me."

I wrote a Koenma fic! I'm gonna try to upload on my pretty new computer-- it'll be my 55th fic on ff.n. How sad is that?


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