May. 24th, 2004

Keys Suck

May. 24th, 2004 04:44 pm
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Interesting weekend. I babysat yesterday for the first time. My uncle's girlfriend's grandson-- yes, you read right. I think she and her daughter were both young moms... Anyway, the kid, Asher, was sweet. I liked his folks, too. It got a little annoying, I had to explain a few words (like "panic") but it was okay. Having a big imagination helped. My parents indulged my imagination a lot when I was a little girl, so that was kinda fun, playing imagination games again. We went to a dinosaurs wedding, and then got into a cake fight with them. And we played soccer in Marie's (my uncle's g.f.) backyard.

The only problem was Marie's key and lock. I had a hell of a time first getting it to turn right; I had to go down to the office and get someone to help me.

Then, after Asher's pleading and playing around with the lock to make sure I could get back in, we went out again. Then, I got the damn thing open, but I just couldn't get the key out. I tried to pull it out for half an hour, because I didn't like having a key in the door. I called Marie at work for her advice, and she said either go to a neighbor (not home), office (locked) or just lock the door, and leave it. I left it; nothing else to do. When Asher's mom, Connie, called, I warned her, and she said her husband would fix it.

Which he did, and quite fast. It was the lock, all dusty and stuff.

I was paid $25, from about 1:00 to 7:00. *shrugs* I say that's good for babysitting. And Connie said she'd probably call me again. Which is cool. My mother also said someone at her work needs a babysitter this weekend, so, with any luck...

Right now, I'm about to leave for the Choir banquet. It's luau theme, so I'm wearing a bikini top, a button down tied around my middle, hip hugger jeans with a sort of torn-fringe, and a Pooka shell necklace.

The white shirt makes my tan look darker, and my hair look blonder, so I look very beachy, my dad says. My hair's up in a claw clip, too, so whatever.

Exams next week. Damn.



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