Jun. 11th, 2004

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Anyone remember a bad Something that I refused to type? It happened. It happened. And I suppose I can type it now, because it's going to happen.

Ms. Palermo is leaving. My favorite teacher is leaving.

Really, she should. She got a job in Arizona. A really good one. She'll be assistant to a choir teacher there, and the program is awesome. She can learn a lot, and not have the burden of being the sole teacher. It's probably the best position a twenty-four year old with only two years of teaching under her belt could have.

I know in my heart that it's the right thing for her. It's better pay, too. But I can't help it, I'll miss her like nothing else. She is the best teacher I've had in a long time. So few really care about their students as human beings, and she was one of them.

We had our meeting at Starbucks today. Most everyone already knew for sure, but since I couldn't get to graduation...

She left before us, because she had a lunch date with Mr. Koperski. Don't think she was happy about it. But man, all of us were crying by the end. We all hugged her good-bye. Carlos was crying the whole time, I was only leaking a few tear streaks every now and then.

Even Hannah cried. I never expected that. I know Hannah and Miss P. are close, but c'mon. Hannah? Hannah, who used to terrify me with stories about how awful IB is? Hannah who can use a real heavy bowling ball that I couldn't even lift? Hannah, the pianist, the one and only down-to-earth non-otaku member of Japanese club? She's not some wispy, willowy girly-girl. She's classical, but not wispy.

I think seeing Hannah cry is what drove it home for me. I was crying like a baby when I hugged Miss Palermo, and I promised to send her pictures of everything. I will, I will.

After Miss Palermo left, all of us, Krystelle, Hannah, Carlos, Arlene, Natalie, Stori, me we all just sat there in the middle of Starbucks crying our eyes out. I'm sure we made one hell of a scene. I agreed with Arlene when she said we needed to just sit together and cry like that. We managed to calm down, and planned to go to the Choir room on Tuesday at 1. I need to put that on my calendar.

Okay, just did. I have a Cal. on the comp.

Sigh. Whoever this teacher is, we promised not to fight it. We need to do something, too, for Miss P.

God, this is so surreal. I was sure Miss Palermo would get the job, she's the best. But... I didn't really think she'd take it. It was a foolish thought, because it is a terrific opportunity for her, but God...

Hey, any students of Gilbert Highschool outside of Phoenix, Arizona in the audience? Next year, your assistant choir teacher will be Meg Palermo. And she is great. Be kind to her, okay? Or our exec board will... not be happy.

I need a hug. Really, really badly.


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