Jun. 30th, 2004

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I tried to cure my writers block by forcing out Yukina fic. It sucks beyond the telling of it, but maybe a nice review will force something else out... and I desperately want to turn "Snow Plant" into "Determination," a much better fic. We'll see.

I missed them announce the name of the next HP book on the news last night. =( It hurts, it hurts!

You know you're a crime junkie if...

1) You consider it a crisis when Homicide: Life on the Streets, Law and Order: SVU and Crossing Jordan are all on at the same time.

I have such a hard time believing Jill Hennessey plays Kincaid and Jordan... Kincaid is not as much of a lawyer bitch as Abbie is. Or Cabot. And Jordan is such a smartass... And they look so different, I'd swear Claire Kincaid is Jordan's Mom sometimes... Wonderful acting.

I gotta watch the Jury. I gotta. Especially the one where the Oz cast guest stars. Some of my favorite L&O men are on Oz, too. My mom said it used to be freaky; watching Chris Meloni as righteous, kickass Elliot Stabler for an hour, and then watching him as a sleazy, horny, racist, manipulative bastard on Oz... More good acting.

I hope they rerun the Homicide/L&O crossovers again soon... I gotta catch the whole thing sometime...

What is wrong with the L&O people, anyway? Now Lennie's gone, and they've lost their chance to do another Munch 'n' Briscoe thing. *sob*

I'm sorry for all the crime drama. But it's so fascinating...

My day? Um, nothing happened.

See the pretty Kuwa/Yuki entrance page Ava and I made.

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The ol' profile needs a change. But I like this rant.

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