Jul. 15th, 2004

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Eh. My dad's been sort of depressed for a long time now. I've noticed it since we moved it to Vegas a year ago (mleah), but I could be unobservant and junk... Anyway, Daddy was telling Mommy about two people telling him they made a big difference in their lives.

The first one was about to be evicted from her home, and all she had to sell was some old jazz CDs. She put a notice on the bulletin board at the place where she and Dad work, and was kind of panicky about it. Dad suggested some website, and she managed to sell all her CDs to one guy, and got enough to keep her house!

The second was another young woman with a young child and her husband. Real young woman, she had a degree and was taking more classes as she could. Dad suggested she go into teaching, and now she has a 20 hour a week job as a TA or something.

I thought it was cool, and I'm hoping to death it cheers him up somehow. I'm thinking the only that will, though, is moving from this place, and I can't say I disagree.

I gave Sean a crapload of screencaps, Tasogare ni Se o Mukete, Roketto Hanabi no Love Song, and Hold Out!!! I can see why people don't like Hold Out. It made me want to shoot Keiko, Botan and Yukina repeatedly.

*goes to watch I <3 The 90s*

Back. ^_^ Um, I've been amusing myself by making little poster ads for my YYH fics. Not for my Animorphs; where am I gonna get an Erek pic, I ask you? I can get the other Anis and maybe even Toomin by scanning my book covers, but I'd need Erek to make any sort of poster for my Anifics.

While in Yu Yu Hakusho, I have my screencaps from my DVDs and my manga scans. So far I've done Candles, Nicknames, Loners and Innocence Protectors, Lady Winter, The Point of No Return, and Catching Snowflakes. I also took a screencap of Kurama, Hiei and Kuwabara together, with Kurama holding a piece of paper and I erased the text and put Eye to Eye on it for that fic, and then for Sour Apple Jelly, I got a screen cap from the episode that inspired it, cut out Shizuru and Kurama so that only Kuwabara, Botan and Yukina were in it. Botan was looking at KY a little oddly, so it worked. I just put the title on it. So they don't count. *snickers* The Candles one came out best. Which fits, as I firmly believe it is my best fic. The Nicknames one gave me a headache; where oh where did I get an idea for a Youko Kurama and Koenma-centric fic? I took a full body of Koenma and placed it next to a large head shot of Youko, and colored out the background. I originally had a menacing Shuuichi from the episode where Mitarai (The winner of the Bishounen Who Most Needs A Hug award ^^;;) Talks, but I cut him out. First, 'cause it's a royal pain in the ass to color around his hair (Yukina's is sooo much easier) and second because the fic is set before Shuuichi is even born.

I'm at a loss at how to do posters for my Kuwabara x Kurama fics, however. For Your Blood On Your Hands, I'm thinking I'll take the screencap that inspired the title, and mesh it with a shot or two of the boys. Dream Interpreting, I have no idea.

[edit: before I forget, I stole the idea from 3 sites: Morgan D's Solitude of a Falling Star, Burned Vamp's site, and Juuhachigou, Marron and Mirai Bulma's DBSZ fics.]

I tried to inspire Ava to write a fic today. Letshopeitworks!

And I wish AHOG's contest allowed shounen ai. I'd have a third entry just -waiting.- Mleah.

Must write Kuwabara x Yukina fic! (Go away, Shizuru x Botan idea...)

Man, what happened to my No Romance policy?

Augh! Hold Out!!! *shoots Keiko, Botan and Yukina* Funky boys... oh my God, who WROTE that song?

Roketto Hanabi no Love Song! Much better!

And for your pleasure, here's the requirements for affiliates of me n' Ava's KuwaYuki shrine: click me!

Ai desu!


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