Jul. 22nd, 2004

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My mom found this hilarious cartoony parody of "This Land" starring our two fav prez candidates. The best part? It doesn't discriminate: both of them, plus Ah-nold and Clinton are slammed equally. http://jibjab.com. Be warned: swearing and it takes a hellishly long time to load. Mom, Sam and I laughed hysterically. Sam kept backing it up to play one line over and over again: Kerry saying to Bush "I'm an intellectual--you're a stupid dumbass!"

In other news, we've found spyware, cookies, etc. on the computer and I am therefore banned from downloading anything. Which is okayish. I still can't find any of Kuwabara's image songs, or Koenma's one "Tokoton."

In other other news, I ran into Kyle at Albertsons. Nice to see him. Conversation went basically like this:

"Hey, did you hear about the choir teacher?"
"She's leaving, yeah."
"Did you hear about the new one?"
"Not yet."
"He's fresh."
"From Seattle."
"Great, he'll love it here, it's so freaking dry."
"I know. It's like hell, with the devil right outside. Anyway, I'll let you get inside. See ya."

There was a little more commentary--changes and he complimented my tan, which made my could-pass-for-Native-American mother laugh hysterically. God, she tans so dang dark. He asked me what I was doing there in the heat, I answered shopping, 'cause I don't have a car. He assumed because I'm a sophmore now, but in truth, my family just doesn't own one. Not that that was any of his business.

I also had lunch at KFC today, randomly. Mom went to the bank nearby, and decided to let me have a treat. She got Burger King for herself and Sammy, because he decided to sleep while we were gone. I ordered those KFC Snackers (yummy!) with no mayonnaise. But they had mayo anyway... I decided not to comment and just eat it, because the KFC was shorthanded that day. *shrugs*

Anything else...? Not really.


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