Aug. 6th, 2004

Weird stuff

Aug. 6th, 2004 09:30 pm
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Did some house cleaning last couple of days. Found:

1) A "John F. Kennedy: The Man For The 60s" button
2) A Bowie knife (sp?)
3) My High-Stepper Barbie horse. Minus one leg. Threw it out and Daddy mimed shooting it.
4) Every Animorphs, Babysitters Club and Remnants book I own
5) My housekey ^_^
6) My mother's second grade report card
7) Mom's wedding bouquet
8)An old picture of Mommy's Aunt Mary. As in, she was young.
9) Suspenseful-looking crime novel I have never read and forgot the name of
10) School picture of Sam in a blue button down and red bowtie ^^;;
11) My Kenshin manga! (oops)
12) Novel: 'After Gregory'
13) Larry Bird. My first stuffed animal. (My dad was a Celtics fan)
14) Cowie and Ellie. Sam's first stuffed animals. (I gave him Ellie... well, my grandma bought it, since I wasn't yet three, but I picked it out ^^)
15) Flopsy, my Easter Bunny that served the role of teddy bear.
16) Old soccer cleats
17) An old Acme siren whistle
18) Some rubberband plane of my brother's
19) Other... stuff... ^_^

The JFK button was the most interesting, by far. I mean, I don't even care about Cowie and Ellie that much (except when I threw them at Sam...).


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