Aug. 14th, 2004

perpetuity: (Yo. I'm Puu.)
My Mitarai shrine (Submerged) gave me a headache with the layout last night... I finally gave up trying to find this exact shade of purple for the text (I tried and no dice) and changed the color scheme to red and black. It's evil and dark, but I'm still slightly afraid of ruining someone's vision for good and all. Not very Mitarai-ish, but like I said... the purple/blue layout decided to be a bitch.

Now I should finish writing the rest of the content... Man. And maybe change the layout to completely being shades of red... maybe... Red text looks better on the layout, Ava and I agreed, but that completely leaves nothing to match the black (I like symmetry, did I mention that?).

Hm. Ava is making another website... and so am I... we're both awful, you know. We barely ever work on the joint site we said we'd make, the Kuwabara x Yukina shrine. Snowdrops and Bravehearts. I never wrote a fic where Kuwabara's petname for Yukina is 'snowdrop,' either! *sobs* ...wait. Time and Again! That's going to have Kuwabara x Yukina! Yay! Kuwabara will have his little snowdrop!

Excuse the incoherence... I feel hyper...

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And that cut portion just proves what a spoiled brat I am. Ignore it.

Anyway, made Ava link buttons last night. Will probably make her 1 more just so that she has an even number. =D


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