Aug. 19th, 2004

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I made a Koenma x Genkai icon. ^^;; Click the 'comment' link to see it.

Sam and I went out to dinner. Mall food court. I had Hibachi-san, he had McDonalds. I had an oreo-M&Ms smoothie for dessert. ^^;; I briefly debated getting the Strawberry-banana with fat-stripping protein, but where's the fun in that?! ^_^ I dropped by Suncoast while I was there, and In The Blood was on sale. $20. Mleah. Hopefully Best Buy will be cheaper.

B. Dalton also had Gravitation volume 1! I'll finally get to read it!

I browsed along and found the Teen Inspiration rack. ^^;; A whole shelf of manga -- Kodocha, Gravitation, Utena, Tokyo Mew Mew, and some others. I know Gravi and Utena both have homosexuality in them... so don't tell the soccer moms. ^^;; But I thought that was cool, the titles they chose. Esp. Kodocha. Must finish it...

Although I wonder about Tokyo Mew Mew...

Had several meaningful discussions with Mom today. I told her about the website that [ profile] wraithlord42 found. She said to ignore it. When I told Daddy, he said to send them an e-mail (in response to HP) informing them that witchcraft isn't real. *snickers* I explained Sensui and his personalities to her today while we watched Law and Order: SVU. It dealt with a schizophrenic. She found it interesting, but I doubt I'll ever force her into an episode. It took enough for her to read Animorphs... lol.

Should sleep soon. Should.


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