Aug. 27th, 2004

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Right, that Time and Again fic, the epic not-starring but featuring Fuyuko? This is part of the prologue. I'm asking if anyone feels like being my beta reader temporarily.

This is not the whole prologue; it's part of it. I'm not finished yet. And it's kinda long. *cough* I take awhile to set the stage. ^^;; Originally, there were scenes of Genkai and Yusuke actually playing videogames, and Genkai playing mother figure to Yukina, but I scrapped those, because they sucked. ^^;;

If you decide to read it, please be critical. Tell me if I'm horribly OOC (I'm especially worried about portraying Hiei and Yusuke wrong, with minor worries about the girls... the only one I'm confident about now is Kuwabara. *sighs* And just wait until I get Kurama in here...Damn, do I hate writing Kurama... Youko Kurama is easy, but Shuuichi Kurama is a headache wrapped inside of a riddle who dresses like a conundrum for Halloween.). Tell me if I misspelled anything--I type quickly, and I don't always catch my mistakes. Tell me if something doesn't makes sense; usually my brain is about ten pages ahead of my hands, and I've been known to skip words, sometimes even whole sentences. Just now, for example, I didn't type the word 'doesn't.' Really. Luckily I caught it, but I don't always. Or I confuse things when I'm thinking fast. I think 'usually' and type 'using,' because I'm thinking about what the character is usually doing. Get it? That's why I need help.

Plus, tell me if I should just scrap this and start over. Heh.

Time and Again, Prologue. WIP. )

I also made myself pretty Koenma icon. *loves this image*

edit: Damn stupid jpg... *dies* Why can't I make an icon out of this image that looks good AND is under 40kb? It looked FINE when I first uploaded it & in Paint... Stupid LJ. *kills*


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