Sep. 2nd, 2004

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Memes! )

....I blame school for all of that.

Hour by hour...

Early Bird -- Chemistry I H IB -- Crap.
1st -- Algebra II/Trignometry I H IB -- Crap.
2nd -- Japanese II H -- Sensei (I typed Sensui at first o.O) is a lot more cheerful than I remember... but kanji will kill me, I just know it...
3rd -- World History H IB -- I <3 History. The textbook is fascinating. (yes, you may laugh at me now)
4th -- English II H IB -- I <3 English. AND my teacher!
2nd Lunch -- George, Mike and the other Michael. Yay.
5th -- Inter. Orchestra -- I believe this means 'intermediate.' My counselor is officially a moron.
6th -- PE II -- Miss Hammering is less bitchy than I remember, too... eeyikes...

The schedules were completely f-ed up this year. I mean, come on, Orchestra? I've never seriously picked up an instrument in my life. I don't have the patience. ^^;;

Sensei is much more cheerful than I remember. She used to be near-insane... but I'm gonna chalk it up to our class going from 40-some-odd kids to 26. Yeeeeeah.

Japanese club is also going to be more structured this year. Sensei wants to take a trip to Japan. Understandable, 'cause she's often saying it's been too long since she was there. And come on, you know I want to go! On the cool meter's scale of one to ten, a trip to Japan would rank somewhere around, hm, 5972546278965469125437. Hee. The closest I've been to Japan is the Pavilion at Epcot. And they have yummy candy. =DDD

Oh, and when we start class... we keep saying 'konnichiwa' 'cause we had class in the afternoon last year. It's a reflex. Must remember; morning class.

Matt, who ought to have his picture in the dictionary under 'pompous,' 'jackass,' and 'cute' is in my Japanese and History classes. No surprise. I had J and English with him last year. *sighs* He's good looking, and a decent guy, I suppose, but that habit of correcting teachers and being wrong? Nothin' doin'.

Uhhhm, who stuck me in Orchestra?

My English teacher = cool. You can get away with saying crap and sucks, he's got a great sense of humor, and I just like his outlook. Gleeness.

Uh. I hate math and science, but that should be obvious.


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