Sep. 23rd, 2004


Sep. 23rd, 2004 05:10 pm
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More Dialogue

Mrs. Richards: "Women, go into the practice rooms."
*we go*
Carlos: "Hey, she said women, not little girls."
Lauren: "I know, Carlos, that's why you're staying out here."
*cue hysterical laughter from the whole choir*

Alonzo: "Everyone is entitled to my opinion." *shakes hand*

Lesse. Chem and Algebra suck. I need to ask my mother how to figure a negative exponent... somehow I never learned that. Or fractional exponents. Not Good.

Japanese was Pair Conversation day. Basic intros and school level things. I worked with Matt-kun. We had a mini-argument over the proper way to say "What's your name?" I said the short version is 'O namae wa?' and the long version is 'Anata no namae wa nan desu ka?' He claims its 'Anata wa nan desu ka?' Or something. I don't remember quite what he said. Sensei settled it; I had the proper-proper version. I hate being wrong.

We start Show and Tell soon. Only two sentences in '______ wa _______ desu' pattern. And my brain is dead, so all I can think of are '_______ wa ________ desu' sentences. Which sucks.

History. Notes on the Indus Valley civilization. *yawns*

English. Moriah worked tirelessly on drawing the Reeve, since I suck. I sketched other pieces of it. Blah.

Lunch. I bought these two huge cinnamon cookies. Yummy. ROTC bake sale or something. I chatted with Other!Michael, mostly. Watched Amanda and the boys play Yu-Gi-Oh. *yawns again* I gave him his first Japanese vocab: "Good afternoon, everyone!" We talked about Betelehemu, which he told me after school means 'Bethlehem.' We talked about how Mrs. Richards made him a tenor. I told him we'd work on it together; I can work on my soprano while he finds his inner tenor. =D He walked with me to my locker to snag my PE clothes, and we agreed to meet after school for more J-vocab and discussion of our voices.

PE. Badominton o shimashita. Atashi wa badominton ga jyouzu desu! XP Not really. Sucked as usual. Well, I can't serve worth a damn, but I'm okay.

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