Oct. 3rd, 2004

perpetuity: ([by felinephoenix] Chee!)
I found the dreaded You-Sue in the Animorphs section. Which amused as well as horrified me, since Animorphs already HAS a You-Sue. It's called Alternamorphs, and it's official. Don't need another one kthnx.

So I snatched it for [livejournal.com profile] animorphsues and gave the author a taciturn review, calmly (if a little coldly) telling her that You-based stories are against the FF.N rules, and so is using a seperate chapter for Author's Notes. I suggested she back up her story, as well, since I planned to report it.

Here's my review. )

She responded by leaving a review to White and Red.

Now here is her's. )

I wonder how she fixed it.

And I'm glad she realizes I'm perfect, 'cause my mom's been telling everyone that for years! =DDDDDD

Anyway, I warned her to back it up. That's more than some of the CYOA haters would do.

Sad thing is, people actually liked her story... Even after the Alternamorphs nonsense.

PS: I'd tell you all about the days I haven't told you about, but I'm just feeling lazy. All you need to know is I hung around a lot with Hannah on Friday. Had ice cream. Smacked myself in the face with a soccer ball. Got my disposable camera and my poptart stolen. But let's not reopen that wound. So I no longer trust anyone in choir.

But hey! There was ice cream!


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