Oh, dear.

Sep. 19th, 2004 11:10 am
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To-Do List One

Kanji packet, due Friday. (so deceptively simple looking...)
Algebra homework, all week. (I'm such a blonde, forgetting my damn book this weekend)
Picture taking, all choirs. (Chambers on Monday, Concert on Tuesday, Glee on Wednesday?)
Run for Japanese club Historian?
Find Japanese font download. (Any hints, guys?)
Buy Japanese dictionary. (Note to self: Ask Hannah about hers)

To-Do List Two

B-day fics for [livejournal.com profile] ruriruri and [livejournal.com profile] wraithlord42
Challenge fic for [livejournal.com profile] trelali
Next chapter of The Self Insertion (I'm so bad...)

Ava's is already started... twice... hm... Wraith? You want any fic in particular? I need a starting point...

Meme. )

Be amused

Sep. 18th, 2004 09:13 pm
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Edit: Name meme from Armand )

Your Political Career by amitiel
Political Party
Date of Election:January 17, 2014
Your Vice President:wraithlord42
First Lady:sei_kou_ki
Attorney General:new_voice
Secretary of State:darksidestories
Chief of Staff:kuroikisei
Scandal:You are caught with a goat, a sheep and a penguin in the Oval Office.
Americans will...think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Chance for Re-election:: 96%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

So once [livejournal.com profile] ruriruri finishes her term, I'll take over! Cool!


Sep. 16th, 2004 09:51 pm
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Moriah. )

Hannah. )

The Excec board in general, Carlos in particular. )

Mrs. Richards. )

Anyway, aside from having tests or quizzes in Chemistry, Algebra 2, Japanese, and History, plus an essay due in English, badminton in PE, and Keep Your Lamps, The National Anthem and the Alma Mater in Mads, life is good.
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In a convenient, easy to read list for your perusing pleasure!

[Beware, it gets graphic. Femininely graphic.]

--Ran the mile in PE
--My locker refused to regurgitate my Japanese book in time for class
--My locker could only be convinced to regurgitate my World History book for a Hall Monitor
--Said regurgitation made me late for said class
--I forgot my notebook at home
--It had my Japanese homework in it
--Dude, I'm on my freaking period
--My sub in lunch only had one piece of cheese. Cheap bastards.
--The chip machines sell Baked Doritos, but not Baked Lays
--The only drink machine with no line was the Gatorade machine.
--I found out why: The Gatorade wasn't cold.
--I never found a spiral or composition notebook wih graph paper. In a panic, I bought regular graph, three-hole punched it, and stuck it in a folder.
--Mrs. Kot said that would not work, so she just gave me a surplus. I hate it when teachers do that. Because it always happens to me, and I always feel stupid or poor or something when I can't find that junk.
--My pad shifted at some point and I bled out on my very nice pants. Not to mention my underwear, but since people don't see my underwear, I kinda don't care.
--I'm waaay behind in Algebra. And the stupid teacher said the class was for those who 'desired' a 'rigorous' class. Crap, man, I have never desired rigorous classes! Maybe a rigorous English or Social Studies class, but not math. I hate math. But it's required for IB... crap, I don't care what my mom says. When we move and I get out of IB, I am freaking not taking advanced math classes. I'll deal with advanced science, but not math. Not today.
--Michael suggested Japanese club nominate me for Homecoming Duchess. I believe my reaction was "ATASHI JA NAI YO!" Not that I'm not flattered, but... crap, I won't even go to Homecoming. The only highschool dance I think I'll ever attend is my Senior prom. I'm not paying to go to a school dance, man. Not in this lifetime.
--Hannah still hasn't been able to get her schedule changed. And if she's taken out of IB, but not put into T&T, she has to change schools. And that just defeats the whole purpose...
--I'm out of pads. And as mentioned once before, tampons freak me out. I'm afraid of stabbing myself or something, or completely impairing my ability to have children. o.O That would hurt... though since I currently don't even want children... though that may change...

Half of that stuff probably isn't too bad, but I guess en masse it's a pain. Besides, I'm menstruating. It's an excuse for everything. XP

Uhm, good stuff... First meeting of Japanese club today. I may run for Japanese Historian as well. We'll see. Made some icons and bases. Maybe I'll post them later. A Hiei and two KeikoxBotan. Maybe I'll give myself the Hiei...
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Ava and I had fun finding colorbars. Shame we can't make our own... )


Sep. 10th, 2004 06:58 pm
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Hell on earth can be defined as listening to Puffy AmiYumi sing the Teen Titans theme, alternating English and Japanese, for all of time. Or even just once.

Jake x Tobias is much more difficult to write than I thought it would be.

Have to put up that Stu for [livejournal.com profile] animorphsues.

I think I shall e-mail Maze Castle about the quote [livejournal.com profile] nefariouskitten noticed that was from a fanfic. Poor dears.

Our weekly quiz in J2 was cancelled, due to only getting our practice/study sheets yesterday. So today we played some odd mix of charades and Pictionary. Sensei wrote different places in Japanese on cards that we drew, and then gave us a picture from her files that had an action. So we had to draw/act them out for the class to guess and put into sentences. I saved some of the more interesting ones for you all.

-Resutoran de terebi o mimasu
-Geemusentaa de gohan o tabemasu
-Taiikukan de hon o yomimasu
-Eigakan de shukudai o shimasu
-Kuko de suie o shimasu
-Suupa de Wayne's World o mimasu

In order, that's:

I watch tv at the resteraunt.
I eat rice at the arcade.
I read a book at the gym.
I do my homework at the movie theater.
I swim at the airport.
I watch Wayne's World at the supermarket.

*shrugs* It was amusing in class. There were ones about playing tennis at the park, and listening to the radio at the beach, but they weren't interesting. And I think I have 'suie' wrong... maybe one of the vowels is elongated?

And could someone please reccomend a good Japanese font download? Preferably one with a quick-n-easy 'how to use' guide? Methinks I will be appreciating the option of typing my homework in the future, considering my handwriting is more or less crap.

Met up with Arti before Early Bird. It's weird how many classes we have together without noticing. ^_^ Opposite ends of the room, I guess. I have Chemistry, History, English and PE with her. Plus Madrigals, Japanese, and English with Moriah, Japanese and History with Matt and Brandon, plus History and Madrigals with Donna. I like Moriah, Arti, Matt, and Brandon. I don't like Donna all that much. She's... just a sort of super girly airhead, the type of girl I dislike most. Being girly is perfectly cool. I was a pretty girly when I was a little girl... but... I can't explain it. She takes the airheadedness to ridiculous levels sometimes, but when she doesn't, she's pretty nice I guess. *sighs* Disregard that.

Why Arti is important and why I now have Madrigals/Chamber Singers. And more! )

Anyway, I had more musings on the Descent of Man, hominid Evolution, my nonexistant lovelife, Amanda, her friend Aaron, Hurricane Frances... but... maybe another day?

T G I F!
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[livejournal.com profile] animorphsues! Free comm, so go ahead and join in the fun!

Dun dun dunnn! )

Fic To-Do List

1) [livejournal.com profile] ruriruri's birthday present. (Because she's so cool, and I got a brand-new idea)
2) [livejournal.com profile] trelali's tradefic. (Because she wrote me the loveliest, funniest, slashiest fic I've read in a while)
3) [livejournal.com profile] felinephoenix's challenge at [livejournal.com profile] animorphsfanfic (Because minor characters are my THING)
4) Chapter Whatever-the-hell of Cheechron (Because... uhm...)
5) Two more Mary Sue parody ideas... (Because its fun?)

Anyone have a specific request they want? I'll see if I can do it...

Spent a little time with George, Michael, Amanda, and Chris after school. Apparently Amanda + Chris = Looooooove. Who knew?

*sighs* Typical ordinary boring day...

Uh, yeah.

Sep. 6th, 2004 12:25 pm
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Big big meme. )

*pokes [livejournal.com profile] sei_kou_ki* Sei? Do you remember any of this?

Trying not to be on for long. Scanning whatever anicovers I can find, because I hit on the idea to make an Animorphs Sue Report journal with [livejournal.com profile] felinephoenix after [livejournal.com profile] wraithlord42 commented in [livejournal.com profile] animorphsfanfic. Though something happens whenever I scan one of the inside covers and it gets all grainly... so far that's happened to 48, Ellimist Chronicles, and 53. I'm thinking Super Rachel would be perfect--with some clever text like "Here, Sue Sue Sue..." Or whatever. Or maybe that one with the Anis reflected in Elfangor's eye from AC... but that doesn't have Ax, and therefore, no. =D Maybe I'll just find the images online... someone's got to have them free to take... ~_^ But I saw plenty of prey lurking in the Anisection of ffn.

Plus I saw a YYH/Animorphs crossover months ago, and I read some of it... Michelle and Shiori were friends at some point, apparently...

Happy Labor Day, dears.

Mitarai fic

Sep. 5th, 2004 03:11 am
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I just wrote it, and I still can't remem--oh, yeah, rereading the comments on reikaisues's report of that BotanxHagirixSensui Sue or whatever it was...

I give this a pretty high rating, somewhere between PG13 and R. Angsty & kinda spoilerish for Mitarai. Also has mild shounen ai--KuwabaraxMitarai to be precise.

And this fic has emotionally drained me, although I'm proud of it. I haven't felt this good about one of my fics since Lady Winter or Candles. I'm exhausted, and that means I worked hard--just like I felt after writing Lady Winter.

I won't say enjoy, but...

White and Red. )

And so...

Sep. 3rd, 2004 10:07 pm
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Everyone: take a moment to hope/pray/whatever that Hurricane Frances doesn't kill anyone else or destroy anymore lives.

Kana test today. *sighs* It took me maybe ten minutes to realize I was drawing the sideways v-shape in katakana ne wrong. As usual. I always make that mistake... Made it on my final exam last year... and I freak out; It's "Oh crap, I swear that's how it was on the chart... I'm never going to learn and I'll fail and I won't get into college and my parents will be upset and I won't get a good job and I'll be a TAXI DRIVER or a WAITRESS for the rest of my life and that's the last legal form of slavery in America and I'll never have any money and I'll die alone in a NURSING HOME...!"

Well, not all of that.

And just for you lovely folks, I have the SEQUEL to Hiei Meets Mary Sue right here for ya. )
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Memes! )

....I blame school for all of that.

Hour by hour...

Early Bird -- Chemistry I H IB -- Crap.
1st -- Algebra II/Trignometry I H IB -- Crap.
2nd -- Japanese II H -- Sensei (I typed Sensui at first o.O) is a lot more cheerful than I remember... but kanji will kill me, I just know it...
3rd -- World History H IB -- I <3 History. The textbook is fascinating. (yes, you may laugh at me now)
4th -- English II H IB -- I <3 English. AND my teacher!
2nd Lunch -- George, Mike and the other Michael. Yay.
5th -- Inter. Orchestra -- I believe this means 'intermediate.' My counselor is officially a moron.
6th -- PE II -- Miss Hammering is less bitchy than I remember, too... eeyikes...

The schedules were completely f-ed up this year. I mean, come on, Orchestra? I've never seriously picked up an instrument in my life. I don't have the patience. ^^;;

Sensei is much more cheerful than I remember. She used to be near-insane... but I'm gonna chalk it up to our class going from 40-some-odd kids to 26. Yeeeeeah.

Japanese club is also going to be more structured this year. Sensei wants to take a trip to Japan. Understandable, 'cause she's often saying it's been too long since she was there. And come on, you know I want to go! On the cool meter's scale of one to ten, a trip to Japan would rank somewhere around, hm, 5972546278965469125437. Hee. The closest I've been to Japan is the Pavilion at Epcot. And they have yummy candy. =DDD

Oh, and when we start class... we keep saying 'konnichiwa' 'cause we had class in the afternoon last year. It's a reflex. Must remember; morning class.

Matt, who ought to have his picture in the dictionary under 'pompous,' 'jackass,' and 'cute' is in my Japanese and History classes. No surprise. I had J and English with him last year. *sighs* He's good looking, and a decent guy, I suppose, but that habit of correcting teachers and being wrong? Nothin' doin'.

Uhhhm, who stuck me in Orchestra?

My English teacher = cool. You can get away with saying crap and sucks, he's got a great sense of humor, and I just like his outlook. Gleeness.

Uh. I hate math and science, but that should be obvious.

Day = made

Aug. 29th, 2004 04:19 pm
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What a way to end the summer! 'Cause I go to school tomorrow, y'know. )

That + having my parodyfic rec'ed by [livejournal.com profile] reikaisues = Joyful!Kaley.

I also wrote a little more on Time and Again's Prologue. Which means mentally, I'm writing about two chapters ahead. My very favorite scene--Kurama v. Genkai! Fun! *glee* That will be in Kuwabara's POV, I believe...

edit: from Riona. xp

Post your friends list and place their first name beside their username. If you don't know their first name, leave it alone and move to the next name. That person has to reintroduce themselves to you. Do not check their infopages or ask anyone for help.
I have tinytiny list, so it shouldn't be TOO difficult. xp *does best*

akai_senshi: Armand, or is that a nickname?
darksidestories: Riona
ensetsu: _______
felinephoenix: Georgia
kuroikisei: Yuwen
m_a_foxfire: ______
nefariouskitten: ______
new_voice: Kimberly.
reikaisues: Sarah?
ruriruri: Ava. Or did I spell that backwards? xp
sei_kou_ki: *twitch* Another _____
wraithlord42: And again with the _____

So yeah. It was difficult. xp I suck.


Aug. 28th, 2004 01:27 pm
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Suddenly every other picture I see on the 'net looks like a really blurry jpg. Not every one, but several. Including [livejournal.com profile] felinephoenix's Sana icon, [livejournal.com profile] akai_senshi's animated SenItsu icon, my KoenmaxGenkai icon... Plus various ad banners on FFN and other junk. Anyone have any idea what's wrong?
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Right, that Time and Again fic, the epic not-starring but featuring Fuyuko? This is part of the prologue. I'm asking if anyone feels like being my beta reader temporarily.

This is not the whole prologue; it's part of it. I'm not finished yet. And it's kinda long. *cough* I take awhile to set the stage. ^^;; Originally, there were scenes of Genkai and Yusuke actually playing videogames, and Genkai playing mother figure to Yukina, but I scrapped those, because they sucked. ^^;;

If you decide to read it, please be critical. Tell me if I'm horribly OOC (I'm especially worried about portraying Hiei and Yusuke wrong, with minor worries about the girls... the only one I'm confident about now is Kuwabara. *sighs* And just wait until I get Kurama in here...Damn, do I hate writing Kurama... Youko Kurama is easy, but Shuuichi Kurama is a headache wrapped inside of a riddle who dresses like a conundrum for Halloween.). Tell me if I misspelled anything--I type quickly, and I don't always catch my mistakes. Tell me if something doesn't makes sense; usually my brain is about ten pages ahead of my hands, and I've been known to skip words, sometimes even whole sentences. Just now, for example, I didn't type the word 'doesn't.' Really. Luckily I caught it, but I don't always. Or I confuse things when I'm thinking fast. I think 'usually' and type 'using,' because I'm thinking about what the character is usually doing. Get it? That's why I need help.

Plus, tell me if I should just scrap this and start over. Heh.

Time and Again, Prologue. WIP. )

I also made myself pretty Koenma icon. *loves this image*

edit: Damn stupid jpg... *dies* Why can't I make an icon out of this image that looks good AND is under 40kb? It looked FINE when I first uploaded it & in Paint... Stupid LJ. *kills*
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Right, so I got the idea for a Mary Sue parodyfic... I was on my way home from Pizza Hut maybe 3 days ago or so... And the image popped into my head of Kurama and Kaitou on their way home from school and running into a girl getting beaten up. Kaitou tells them not to say a word, and then Taboos the words 'why,' 'not,' 'I,' 'should,' and 'shouldn't.' Of course, the guy doing the beating says 'Why shouldn't I?' and promptly loses his soul. Kurama erases the girl's memory and drops her off in the park, and Kaitou drags the bully-jerk back to Genkai's to get his soul put back.

And then it hits me with the force of an airplane carrying a dozen elephants carrying bricks:

That has got to be the Sueiest plot I have ever thought up!!

So then the Mary Sue Parody idea pops up. And then that song... 'and the cat came back, the very next day... the cat came back, they thought he was a goner but the cat came back... he just couldn't stay awaaaay...' And then after THAT... 'Hit the road, Shaq! Don'cha come back no more no more no more no more...' (Yes, I said Shaq. I'm from Orlando. ^^;; They played that on the radio when he went to play for LA)

The basic idea is the YYH boys dealing with a Sue that won't $#@&ing give up!

And I mentally wrote this scene of Hiei and the Sue right on the spot... ^^;; What do you think?

The Sue Came Back, the very next day... )

Um. I only had it mentally written to the part where Hiei and Sue decide on who Kuwabara is. So the rest sucks.

Hell, this could almost be a mini-ficlet on it's own...


Aug. 25th, 2004 01:06 am
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First, anime survey. Long. )

Uncle Mike took Sam & me to Texas Station (one of the hotel/casinoes) for dinner tonight. Cheap bastards had these microscopic slices of pie... Pumpkin pie. Yummy.

Hung around the arcade there for awhile... We left just as the arcade was closing; the big gate was almost down. Uncle Mike and I ducked it, but Sam didn't, and has a small cut by his eye. Ouch.

Read the first volume of Gravitation yesterday. I like. Eiri Yuki's a jackass. Hiro and Maiko are cool. Shuichi is just cute. *more*

School in a week. Damn.

I still have to do my chemistry homework... bad me.

I have three fic ideas in my head. One is Ava's birthday present, so I shall say no more. One is a Botan x Shizuru. And one is that big long thing... The Fuyuko Epic is what I shall refer to it, even though Fuyuko is not the star, she's just a big plot point. But since my title for it sucks like Koenma and Shinobu...

And I want to know the results of AHOG's Fanfiction contest. Liiiiiiiiisaaaaaa... it's been two weekends...
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Yeah. Uhm. Let's just say the new YYH DVD was bought today by my wonderful lovable indulgent mother, and I squealed so loudly at one of the scenes that she actually came in to ask what was going on.

I swear, if Yukina doesn't show up soon and let Kuwabara fawn over her, y'all can just kiss my fangirling over them good-bye. Yes, I just said 'y'all.' Shut up. >D

All the KuwabaraxYusuke... geez.

Koenma. Wants. Shinobu. You can no longer deny it. You just can't.

Stand out moments (English dub)

--Hiei calling Itsuki 'lover boy' and saying he was going to take away his means of reproduction. Ouch.
--Sensui saying Kuwabara needed to get his jigen-tou up. So wrong on so many levels.

The best part, though... for a brief, glorious moment, I actually liked Koenma and Kuwabara's English voices. Dunno who does Koenma's voice, but Kuwabara is voiced by Christopher Sabat, also the voice of Vegeta and Piccolo on DBZ. And after all that work... the guy finally learned how to act. *Very* nicely done. *Wonderfully* done. (By comparison, anyway.) Mr. Sabat, you've improved exponentially. I don't suppose you could keep it up...? I'm very proud of you!! Both of you. I was so sure English!Koenma would screw it up... but he rose to occasion magnificently.

Buy it. I implore it. Hear Youko Kurama sound like a girl!


Aug. 22nd, 2004 10:56 am
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My baby brother is turning 13 tomorrow. *sobs* And he's a foot taller than me! Even when I wear platform shoes!

*cough* We watched YYH together last night, but his TV sucks and it kept snowing out during the commercials. It only does that on channels highter than 54. And CN is 65.

Why do I watch the CN version? Morbid curiosity, I guess. I was curious as to how there were going to cover up Yusuke's 'Botan, prove to me who you are by telling me your boob size,' line. Sam guessed they would ask her weight. *snickers* Instead he just asked her 'measurements.'

That was one case where I though the English version was funnier. The Japanese translation was him asking her 'three sizes.' My best guess is that it was a Japanese thing, and the sizes were her breasts, her waist, and maybe her ass or her weight or something. *shrugs* But I got no clue.


Me: "Genkai owns... the other characters."
Sam: "...'s souls."

And then there were bouncy ball game show soul jokes...

On-Screen Genkai: "You really think they'll share that information [their abilities] with you?"
Sam: "Hello, my name is Sensui and my specialty is whatever you can think of."
Me: "Hello, my name is Sensui and my specialty is fucking you up. Emphasis on the fucking."

Which I can't believe I said (okay, maybe I can...)... but Sam has a bad influence on me. I'm surprised I didn't crack up laughing, that's usually what happens when I try to talk big like that.

Eh, that's what we do whenever we watch dubbed anime together. Sit around making gay and sex jokes. *sighs* It's Sam's fault. I was perfecly find just laughing at the bad dubbing, but he insisted... our favorite target is currently Mitarai. Though we had to pause Youko Kurama once because of all the HieixKuwabara jokes making us laugh... >.< We're bad, I know.

Anyway, mom said she might get me paid time for Christmas. I suggested 2 months, and when we saw that it'd only b5 $5, she said I might as well get a year. We'll see.


Aug. 21st, 2004 12:33 am
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*pokes [livejournal.com profile] ruriruri* Ava? Dear? Did you faint? I nearly did.
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