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Freak OUT. Kimz is right, what did they do to the update page??


"Some of you are still doing your dogs in the park!" --Sensei

"It's a wonderful day in my neighborhood. I forgot my homework." --Kid Who Sits Behind Me

"Look, the football field is pretty!" --Chick In PE
"I think they did it over with astro turf." --Me
"That's not astro turf! It's fake grass!" --Chick In PE Who Has Astro Turf For Brains

First Chem Test: I got the very lowest possible B. But a B's a B, right?!

The Japanese thing... We learned 'play' verbs this week. Hikimasu, fukimasu, asoubimasu... The sentence in question was Kouen de inu o asoubimasu. I think the particle is o, anyway... I forget. People are saying Kouen de inu o shimasu. Doing the dog. =) Of course, as Sensei explained, Japanese doesn't have that particular expression, so it'd be even more confusing...

So someone (I'm thinking Paulina, but I don't remember) asked her what they do say. =)

Sensei didn't say.

English project w/Moriah. We read part of the Canterbury Tales. So all of us chose a partner, and drew a character from the story out of a hat. Moriah and I got the Reeve. Both of us prefer doing projects alone, so we figure we'll work together beautifully!

So we have to do a sort of model/drawing of the character. We have some sketches. I need to get a posterboard.

Other!Michael walked to me my bus stop. I have to start teaching him a little Japanese during lunch, he said, so he'll survive the trip to Japan... =D I told him to remind me. I complained about the Nigerian carol Concert Choir is doing... If I want to sing with Concert (and I'm not sure I do...), I'll have to learn it. =( And the guys' part is so easy. It's just saying "Betelehemu" over and over again. Five beats, same deep note. My kind of part! XP

New Freshmeat at our lunch group. He's cute. =P But he's freakishly like my brother, so nyah.
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