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You know those guys who call you, ask you a bunch of questions, and you yell at them that you're on the Do Not Call list and it's dinner time, anyway?

Yeah. Only, it was for surveys, not sales calls, so the Do Not Call list does not apply. FYI.

PS: screaming at them that they're ****ing ****ers that should not being calling at this hour and they need to get a real job? Doing that just pisses them off. And pissing them off just makes them want to call you again the next day, an hour later. Just out of spite.

The more you know!
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Azkaban, except that I've read it so many times that there's no anticipation left. I can continue most of it in my head. XD But Lupin is my favorite, and that's the only book he manages to be a real presence in. I was actually quite disappointed to realize this series was "Harry Potter," not "Harry Potter's Amazing Friends and Their Strange World."

In other news, our keyboard died some time ago, and Sam just got a new one off a friend. Hannah's birthday was last Saturday, and one of her gifts was tickets to the Lion King show. And she invited me along~ I had a blast, seriously, it was awesome. It was condensed, like most Vegas transplant shows, but oh. My. God. No disappointments. Things that I question, but no disappointments. I bought the CD soundtrack and am listening to it right now.
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