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Meme I stole from [ profile] ruriruri: sixteen random shortcomings/quirks/facts/habits/etc.

1. I spend way too much time in my own head. I am constantly playing out various scenarios, both of my real life and fictional characters. "But," you say, "that makes you a good writer, to be so imaginative." Nay, I answer; by the time I sit down to write, it's played out so many times in my head that I'm a) utterly bored with it, b) completely unable to put it into good writing, and c) I've mostly forgotten what I liked most about it.
2. One of the consequences of being so thoughtful is that I don't always react/notice when someone says something to me. I think I come across as slow or stupid because I don't always respond promptly or cleverly. I hate that feeling.
3. I'm so vain about my hair it's not even funny. Technically, it's probably a very light brown right now, but it was golden-blonde when I was a little girl and it's still blonde (or at least reddish) in the right light. The ends are still blonde most of the time, and if you look at most of the individual hairs, they're blonde. (Although some are black and some are flaming red. It's odd.) Any insinuation that it's brown depresses me terribly because I'm shallow and I think blonde is prettier. It really isn't uncommon for me to desperately ask my mom what color my hair is before I leave to go somewhere. I'm like Jo from Little Women: it's my only beauty. XD
4. I don't think a shirt should cost more than $10. Pants maybe $20. Obviously, I don't shop often.
5. A lot of what I say, I say for comedic value. I use a lot of hyperbole. People don't seem to get that. I'm not serious. At all. I think serious things, and there is some serious fucking crap happening in my life right now, but usually, by the time I sit down to this journal, I've thought about it so much (or ranted about it to Ava), and by that point, it's just not worth typing out, you know?
6. I will never get over the fact that moving across the country voided two of the three high school credits I earned in eighth grade. I'll always feel cheated by that.
7. I hate drinking water. It's not that I don't like the taste; it's more that I don't like the absence of sweetness.
8. I have no short-term memory. That's hyperbole, yes, but I'm still very forgetful and scatterbrained.
9. I'm paranoid. Any time you complain about something, I instantly review my actions to the best of my ability to see if I'm the one offending you. People ask, "Why? Guilty conscience?" I always feel guilty, even when I know I didn't do anything, I feel like I did. XD
10. I remember in elementary school, people would say "Oh, this is my boyfriend," and "She's my girlfriend, we're dating," and I'd be like, "Huh?" I kinda always knew that school age crushes are just crushes, and totally not worth the time. I think I've had maybe two crushes in my life, but I knew nothing would come of them, just because nothing ever comes of high school romance.
11. I say "like" entirely too much. =P
12. I tend to reward myself with food. I really enjoy anything that tastes good, and that disgusts me.
13. I'm a creature of habit. If I do it enough times, even if it's wrong, I can't really break myself of it. This includes taking the wrong turn and having to double back and do it over~
14. Everyone in my nuclear family has the same middle name. Yes, both parents--it's a coincidence. (I hope.) My mom and I have the same initials--there's only a two letter difference between our names (her name is Karen.) She was originally going to name me Savannah, but I'm so glad she chose Kaley instead. I love my name. It's so cute and short, and my signature is easy: nothing but loops.
15. I love my daddy, and I'm about as much of a daddy's girl as you can be, but I'm not sure I can forgive him if he gambles again. I hate myself for it, because I do understand that it's a disease, but I don't think he understands that he has a problem. Or if he does, he doesn't care. I think I would be more forgiving if I had some indication--however slight!--that he's actually going to, you know, try not to gamble again.
16. I felt really stupid when I found out that I had been tested for gifted without knowing it; naturally, I concluded that I must have failed. Then my mom told me, no, I told them not to send you because I didn't want you riding the school bus all the way over there without me. I... still don't know how to feel about that.


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