Apr. 18th, 2004

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Mommy left me $7 to get a 24 pack of coke at Albertsons. I agreed to let my brother take a seperate $5 of my leftover $ from yesterday. Sam left. I think I remember something about him saying 'thanks for the money' again before leaving (he goes to play Raw Deal &c every weekend at cardshops).

Now. I have no solid proof that he took the second $5. But then again, he's been taking money from my parents and me ever since I first started getting money from the tooth fairy, or from 'babysitting.' (A six year old and a four year old in our room for maybe ten minutes while Mom ran to gas station for milk or cigarettes or something equally trivial.) I hide my money all kinds of ways. I've hid it in the sleeve of a ballet costume, inside a statuette in my closet, inside my Clow Book... I get pretty imaginative. (I now know Jane Eyre's Eliza Reed is freakishly like this, not comforting.) I won't say where it is currently, but the cash in question, as it wasn't technically mine, was left on my dresser.

Stupid beyond reason, really. I know he steals from us. Only from us, though. I don't like to admit it. I usually let him borrow petty cash on weekends, and recently I stopped being to squirrelish with it. I would tell him to just take this certain amount from my drawer. *sigh*

Again I stopped. But still! I don't think he's buying drugs (perish the thought; he's not stupid!), but it is a problem.

I'll tell mom tonight, and for now just get the coke out of my own money. She'll pay me back.

Don't get me wrong; I may have misplaced the five. Whenever money is missing, we all jump immediately to the conclusion that Sam took it. I have made the mistake and misplaced fives before. So have my parents.

Still, most of the time I'm right.

On a completely unrelated note, I believe I have the most unusual family structure of all my friends. My two biological parents are actually still married (and were for six years before I was born!), and my biological brother and I both live with them. Wow.

(Note the sarcasm)


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