Apr. 19th, 2004

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Apparently dear Sam forgot he'd already taken a 5. *shrug* He gave it back to me, so whatever. Still owes me five, as it basically put me back to where I was before he borrowed money.

God, keeping track of finances is a pain in the neck. I see why bankers, etc are always portrayed as so grouchy.

Either way, I bought a package of pads at the $.99 store, and paid with it using a two dollar bill. So then I use a ten to get the cokes, and guess what I get in my change? A two! Funny, right?

PE was not funny. We did the mile (have to do it under 15min; I got a &^%$ing D.) and Fronzia, Heather and Kim were all absent! I felt so ditched.

Ahhhh, hmm. Late for Early bird today, because it sucks. I was tempted to skip, but perfect attendence + luck = $250 from the school. I wrote a sight-singing exercise in choir; 4 measures, Common Time, d minor. Miss P said it was perfect, except my upside-down quarter notes looked like q's, not p's. Minor issue. Heh. I cheated a little, 4/4 time is eeeeasy and one measure used a whole note. ^_^ But since it was sight reading, can't be too hard, she said. *laugh*

I could make a pun about my D in PE and Minor keys, but I'm just not in the mood.

I wrote out my formula sheet for the geometry test Wed. I hate math with the intense passion of a thousand suns.

Japanese club, I provided the anime today. Yu Yu Hakusho. I do it again next week; brining in the episodes where Puu hatches. Sensei, Sammy (my friend, not my brother) and I were talking a bit on addictions. I mentioned my rather addictive personality (If I ever drink, it has to be light). Like, I always use the same entrance to the mall (Dillards) and I always make the same mistake leaving it. I always make this one wrong turn. I can't fit my brain around it! So Sensei teased by asking if it was the same way with me always leaving my lunchbox in her class. I'm habitual = easily addictive, I guess.

Parents not home after school. Not for long, anyway. Sam and I actually got along! Shock horror.

I have a question that's been bugging me ever since I first saw Puu:

Am I the only one who thinks Keiko prefers Puu to Yusuke? =)


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