Apr. 26th, 2004

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My Monday started out hell.

Usually, I'm a good girl about getting ready for school. Usually. Today (and all of last week), nuh-uh. First bad thing, I forgot to remove my biology book from my backpack. My back still aches some. *cringe*

So I miss the first bus out here. *grimace* Which means I walk from here to the library, estimated half-mile. Estimated, judging by my school's track. I get the Express at the library, and then ride down to the next street. And THEN, I miss that Bus, too! So I walk another estimated mile. Obviously, I was late to my Early Bird.

EB is hell. Health and College Survival English were okay, but CS Math, I hate. The teacher is a moron. He can't teach worth popsicle sticks. And that's putting it nicely. It's enough to make me scream, almost. He's taking some meds, so his hands are shaky, and his handwriting is worse than my own. And the way he writes, he bangs on the board, so that it sounds like gunshots. He needs to freaking retire. For his own health and my sanity.

So we do... guess what!... in PE


My legs feel like crap. I felt pretty depressed the whole period. My good weekend mood and mental health just went kablam!

How do you do one of those cuts? This will get long...

More later, I am chatty today.


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