May. 1st, 2004


May. 1st, 2004 02:06 pm
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Right, I just got done talking to Ralph on the big white phone all last night. He said he missed me and that I've been overdue for a stomach bug. I tried to hang up, but I threw up again instead.

Can you feel the sarcasm, kids?

My dear brother got sick Wed. night. At the time, we chalked it up to my dad accidently cooking the wrong hamburger meat. Daddy said it tasted funny, and when I got home from my choir concert that night, made me chicken instead.

So Sam skipped school thanks to it coming out both ends on Thursday and Friday.

Friday in PE I got smacked in the forehead with a basketball. Ouch, but it was my own fault and pretty funny. I tossed it up, it bounced off the backboard, and onto my head.

So I felt pretty crappy by the end of the day. Nevermind that I got to skip Bio thanks to Miss Palermo. I went to the Prom assembly with Sammy and her friend Ashley. So I got to sit in the Senior section, despite being a lowly freshman. Afterwards, Sammy bought me a small Frosty.

My stomach and head both felt horrible by the time I got home. The loud assembly probably didn't help, but it was better than I expected. Dance Bravo, the Drill Teams and Scribbled Funk were my favorite acts.

My parents were out when I got home, but Sam was there. They called from Best Buy, saying they were buying a real computer! Good-bye webtv!

So I ran the ATM card down. And then came home. My mom got home later. I went to lay down for awhile. Tried to read three different books. Finally, I asked Mom to make me something to eat. Usually my stomach hurting just means I'm hungry. (I often confuse menstrual cramps for hunger, for example.)

I tried to take a bite, and gagged. I attempted to take a smaller bite, and then decided it was not a good idea.

So I got sick about 6:30 last night. My mom got sicker than me maybe a half hour later. I'm telling you, fever, chills, shaking, and as previously mentioned, it came out both ends.
My parents are now both sick, it seems. Sam is better, but he left for the day. Without eating.

Right now, I have mild pain in my legs and head, and some hunger pangs. My mom and I were completely dehydrated last night. Luckily, though, I haven't been violently ill since maybe 1:00 in the morning. I've been attempting to rehydrate myself all day. Water, soda, and Powerade. It didn't start staying down until maybe two or three last night. My parents say I've been passing out, too.

Sam has been pretty sweet, getting me drinks and blankets. I feel like being nice to the kid. Strange, yes?

The comp is lying in boxes on the floor, waiting to be hooked up.

So it's Sat. afternoon. I've been sick for more than twelve hours.

And you know what? I always get sick on the weekends. Always.


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