May. 12th, 2004

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I went to see the Musical today. The student show is $1, so... ^_^ It was hilarious. Plus an intermission show by Scribbled Funk, you just can't miss. I watched it with George; Sammy was an usher, Xavier went in with me but ditched me for his cousin, and Amanda was an extra most of it, and a judge for the Principal of the Year award at the end.

George kept fooling around with me during the intermissions and before hand, poking and prodding with his program. Mini-dialogue:

George: Am I pissing you off?
Me: I have a twelve year old brother. You can't piss me off.
George: Am I making you mad?
Me: You're making me think you're incredibly sexy. You're actually adorable when you try to piss people off.
George: I don't get it! People think I'm adorable when I'm trying to piss them off and when I'm not.
[Sammy, Amanda and I constantly refer to George as a 'teddy bear.' He's very cuddly.]
Me: Actually, you're incredibly sexy when you try to piss people off, but I didn't think you wanted to hear that.
George: Oh. [pause] WAIT!
Me: [cracks up]
George: I just now got that!

George is the perfect model for a boyfriend-- he is a model, is a junior who could graduate, is *extremely* goodlooking, and intelligent. Except for his suicidal tendencies and complete lack of self-esteem. *sighs* Everyone else knows he's awesome, how come he doesn't?

Hm, what else? 14 school days left. Yea! (Which is the proper way to spell 'yay.')

Also on the musical-- Rana (spelled rayna below, sorry) was awesome. She is phenomenal. She sings, she dances, she acts, and plays piano-- all spectacularly. Amanda calls her a 'triple-threat.' And she's nice, good sense of humor.

Anyway, the best song-- "Closet Disco Queen," sung by Katie Wilkins as Mrs. Flint. Or "Slap Me Some Skin" was good. And the title song.

They asked the Magic Eight Ball on everything in thats show.

Wow, how random.

I need to write something, or I fear I shall go mad - yes, mad! - dear reader.

On another note, I love hearing men sing. Not pop-sing, really sing. That's why I liked Slap Me Some Skin.

Oh, the funniest YYH quote EVER:

Hiei: You ready?
Yusuke: Bring it on, BITCH!

(This right before a shirtless, grappling tussle and after a shot of Yusuke on his knees, with Hiei's hand placed firmly at his neck.)


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