May. 13th, 2004

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There was a conversation I wanted to remember, and put here, but I forg--

Maybe it was the one with Sammy? No. It wasn't...


I had a scary dream last night. When I told Sammy she told me to stop watching "All that CSI stuff." Hmph. I don't watch CSI, I watch Law and Order. Eheh.

I was out at night, and some man is following me. Finally he attacks me, and basically tries to rape me. I kick and scream, and manage to break free and run away, but he catches me everytime. I keep screaming this guy is trying to attack me and rape me, and I don't know him and get him away from me, and all the passers-by just ignore me. Finally he gets me on the ground and is working my clothes off, and I'm still kicking and clawing and screaming, and he tells me about how he followed me and lured me out secretly and plans and works all this stuff.

My response?

"You did all that just to fuck me?" (I have such a dirty mouth when I'm emotional)

"Not just to fuck you!" And he gets into this psychotic speech about how much he loves me and crap, apparently it was one of those cases where, in his mind, it was a comitted relationship.

Luckily I woke up before things got rough.

We dissected frogs all week. All week on one frog. I had to cut today, because I refused to touch the poor thing all week. I do not approve of killing a poor froggie just to take it apart. Sue me, I watched muppet babies.

Mommy told me about having to catch her own frog. And all about how she freed all the frogs before they could be killed. (Go Mom!) I mentioned this to my Biology teacher, and she said

"Where was this?"
"In Florida."
"So they probably made it to water before they dried up!"

She wrote "FROGS R US" on the board, and kept saying it as we walked in all week... Stupid female dog. Sadistic stupid... O hope I never see her again! I swear, if I hear her say Frogs R Us again, I might dissect HER!

I hate to sound like a pathetic fangirl, but the only way I made it through this week is by visualizing That Hot, Sweaty, Shirtless B----fight between Hiei and Yusuke. I have to let Sammy borrow it so we can fangirl together...

Next week we get to examine fossils of primates in Bio. Oh joy.

Hm. The choir banquet is May 21st, and the last two concerts (Pop and Band) are the 25th and 27th. Joy! (for real this time!)


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