May. 16th, 2004

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Also known as "Kaley's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day."

Yesterday was the choir carwash, and closing night for Friday Knight Fever.

The cw (I abbr. mny wds, btw ^_~) started at 9 even. I was up maybe 6:30, and I flopped on the couch and relaxed. My dear mother suggested I get on the net for awhile. Why, I dunno, but I figured, hell.

To make a long story mercifully short, I was on too long I guess. Since I dislike the idea of a razor against my skin (I have an intense fear of pain), I don't shave my legs, really. Or wax them-- ouch! I've seen my parents slice themselves up too often. But I'm paranoid; I knew that, since I rarely wear shorts to school, someone would notice. So I went ahead and used a painless Nair. Ha, go me.

Took too long. I got out, tossed my tank top and shorts on, grabbed flipflops, and saw the VCR.

Nine AM, even.

So mom stalls me further by slopping sunblock onto my face, and stuffs it into my pocket yelling at me to put in on my shoulders.

Yeah, like I'm smart enough to listen?

Because the buses here suck, I was there about 9:30, 10:00. I immediately got to work, and forgot all about that block in my pocket.

Bad me. My shoulders are redder than raw meat, and my face (since I didn't reapply) is a little pink. Of course, my arms and legs are a nice, sexy brown... yeah, right, but I'm darker than any of my friends... Of course, my mother has this amazingly perpetually dark tan that I would kill for... Comes from a life on the beach, I guess.

Basically, it hurts to lie down. I slept on my stomach.

After the carwash, I came home, jumped into the shower and then jumped into bed. I went to sleep at about 2 or 3 and woke up around 4.

My brother, I asked him for the time and I *heard* '5:04.' FKF started @ 6. Yikes.

I tossed a t-shirt, shorts and a DVD and bolted. I was planning to loan Sammy (shes an usher) my Yusuke-Hiei B.F. DVD.

I had dinner at KFC on my way, and then I was at the school early. Very early. *cringe* Hung around outside the school. Tried to get in repeatedly, all the doors I know of were locked. I went up to the outside of the 200 wing, where the "Little Theater" is located; I heard applause and "Marcia." I was pissed. The show had already started, and there was no way for me to get in!!

Pissed, I walked to the 7-Eleven maybe a half-mile from the school and spent $1.79 on a Gatorade. Very unlike me; usually I would buy a $.99 Arizona drink or a $.89 Gulp drink. I'm cheap.

I took the bus home from there, and at home, discovered my brother had blown a fuse. All the way home, I had been thinking that the only good thing about missing the show was getting to see YYH. Luckily, my amazing daddy fixed it.

So I watched some Law and Order, and some Forensic Files. Then YYH started-- my friend worshipped that particular DVD, so naturally I had that episode almost memorized.

And I was pissed; Kurama is supposed to ooze blood in that episode. FUNi was doing so well! Nothing relaxes me quite as much as Kurama getting the red stuff blown out of him. (Yeah, I have problems.) It was so obvious that episode was edited...

Sam: Kaley.... THIS IS CABLE!
Me: Exactly! Broadcast has all those limitations, remember when we had the antenna?

I felt better as my brother and I made fun of Dragonball GT.

"That's child abuse!"
"It's not child abuse if it's FUNNY..."

"They're always rearranging the landscape..."
"I don't like that mountain; goodbye!"
"If you don't like the landscape, MOVE! Don't ruin it..."

"Oh, God, I can just imagine Gohan and Goten playing jump rope!"
"Oh, how many craters can we make? One, two, three..."
"Oops, I tripped! A canyon!"

"You know, I think I once likened Uub's voice as a cross between Keiko and Hiei..."

"He ate Uub! He ATE UUB!"
"He's still chewing... Kaley, NOW he ate Uub!"

"Aah, a flashback! Dragonball Z... GT... Dragonball in general has too many flashbacks!"
"Remember that time Vegeta had a flashback within a flashback?"

And on and on... I think we took a few shots at Goku's intelligence too...

Don't get me wrong, I have fond memories of DB and DBZ, but... eh.

After that, I skipped InuYasha and went to bed. Really, DBGT was the only hight point.


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