May. 19th, 2004


May. 19th, 2004 08:32 pm
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I've been going home with Amanda again lately. *shrug* She offered to skip Japanese club with me on Monday, and I figured what the heck. She did it Tues and today, too. And got up a half-hour before she usually does to go to school with me.

I'm ... surprised. I dunno why. Amy's never been mean to me, but still. Amanda is not the most well-liked person around. Have I mentioned it before-- I dunno how she does it, but somehow everyone I know dislikes her to various degrees. Most of them quite high.

It's semi-common knowledge that I'm the only one who can take her at length. I just don't think she's as annoying as the others do. I mean, I don't believe her stories about going out with a 23-year-old. (Although I do believe her stories that she's bi and had a girlfriend for a few months.) Please, I'm not gullible. (Okay, actually in some cases I might be.)

But she's been nicer than usual. My sunburn is still preventing me from wearing a backpack (I know, I know, I'm such a Snow White disgustingly pale tanless northern goose. Um, no offense.) She carried it for awhile; whenever there's a seat on the bus she lets me have it; always shares when she has a drink w/her, and I'm dying from this godforsaken dust bowl...

I have two conclusions:

A) She knows I'm the only person who really likes her

or B) She has a crush on me.

Please oh please let it be A...

I won't rule out B, though. She hinted at it a couple times. Around Christmas, when Sam and Sean were still together, the four of us went to the mall, and she made a few quick come ons. Jokes, she said, to see how I would react. (I squawked.)
Sean made a sort of comment about if I would ever date (he was interested in me) and Amanda grabbed me and said something like "She's mine!" I squawked, and hit her.

I'm not completely against the idea... I'm fifteen, and I think a little too young to be 100 percent sure of my sexual orientation.

Just, Amanda is not my type.


It probably is A, though.

Also on Amanda... I tend to wear baggy clothes when I'm upset or depressed or moody. Her comment on my wardrobe today?

"You look like you slept with someone and forgot an extra outfit, so you took one of his."

And I did, the way my hair was tossed up. I know my shirt's was a boy's-- my brother didn't want it, and since I love button-up shirts, I asked for it. My pants are these baggy ones that sorta fall off.

I'm not in the mood to detail, after that little bit, and after hearing Kurama's girly voice sing... Heh heh.

Hm, sensei asked in Japanese warmups for us to write 3 adjectives for 'otouto' (little brother).

I wrote 'urusai' (noisy and annoying), 'tanoshii' (fun), and 'takai' (tall). The bitch marked me off!! She crossed out my takai! Atashi no otouto wa takai desu yo! My brother is tall! His clothes fit me like dresses; I sleep in a lot of his old sports jerseys...

Yeah, that annoyed me.

Hmm. Kurayami ni Akai Bara ~ Romantic Soldier... it's a pop song. It's odd, you can tell it's Kurama's voice, but since the actress usually puts on a deep, somewhat... heavy? breathy?... voice when acting, to sound like a fifteen year old boy (sorta...)... It's weird. I mean, the first time I borrowed Fronzia's DVDs back in... man... September, I knew at first hearing that Kurama was very obviously voiced by a girl.

But you know what?

Not only do I want this amazing alto... (I suck compared to her!)

It's quite... attractive. Sammy agrees with me; two straight females should not find a woman's voice so (all right, I'll say it) damn sexy.

Oh well.

When I get a significant other, the person better be able to sing, and have a delicious low voice.

I must find Dark Side Stories... Hiei AND Kurama singing...

Music is so sexy.


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