May. 21st, 2004

Field Day

May. 21st, 2004 04:40 pm
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Today was the First Annual International Baccalaureate Freshmen Field Day. And it was tons of fun-- and not just because we all got to skip a Biology test. All IB freshmen have to have Ms. Welsch's Bio class, and most of us hate her.

Aaaanyways, the IB Council picked our teams themselves. I was put on Yellow. The only people I knew on the team were Brittney and Mary. And I didn't know Brittney's name; I just knew her by sight. Mary's in my English class (we all have to have Ms. Brosche, too). But I like Erica, Betty, and the boys on there, too. Caleb was mildly cute, and I liked his personality.

The games were three leg race, football, sponge race, balloon fight, lime race, tug o war, and basketball. The 3 legged race hurt; they tied me and Erica together with string, and it cut our ankles pretty bad. My socks were thicker than hers, so I got off easy. We kept laughing and screaming, but it really did hurt, even though we kinda got the hang of it. We were the experimental group. *grumbles* I never did find out what they decided on. They tried backwards duct tape and those flag football things.

We won the football game, majorly in thanks to Carolyn. She kicked ass. Betty, Erica and I did zip...

The sponge race was cool. I got soaked. It was fill a sponge, pass it along, fill the bucket. It was just our group there then, so we split up 5 and 6. I got splashed and I almost hit Able for it. If I had my water bottle, I would have.

Lime race, we did girls vs boys. We won once, and so did they. My hands smelled like limes for an hour...

Tug of war, we beat purple. Then they beat us; because we all let go and they fell. ^_^ We won again. Then we did girls vs boys, and the girls won in like ten seconds. ^_________________^ Then we used it to play jump rope...

Basketball was so disorganized. Carolyn was fouled for "Stupid shot!" (I typo-ed; it said "stupid s---.") Her ball went straight over the backboard...

Water balloon fight was against Pink. It was hilarious that Alonzo was on pink-- he's like the biggest boy I know. Huge, basketball player huge. Alonzo's in my English class, too.

There was a big spirit war all say-- Yellow versus Pink. (Kimberly versus Trini! ...if you get that...) Brandon, ShaNez, Sarah, and others I know were pink.

They ran out of balloons like half way through, and they could only find ten more. So we ran a relay race... 10 on 10. I decided to be nice and let Betty sit it out.

We did lose that, and so had to stand in the middle and let Pink bomb us. I made a joke of it, and flopped onto the grass like I was sunning for a minute. Big mistake; my butt didn't dry for an hour. ^_^

Brandon told me at the end I was lucky he couldn't throw, he'd been aiming for me. -_-'' Jerk.

Lunch was grilled burgers or hotdogs. Then a movie, Gremlins. It was supposed to be Holes, but the DVD player broke.

Then IB Council announced the winners!


So we got to sit around in Ms Brosche's room eating popsicles while the others cleaned up the field. Hehehehehehehehe.


Then Ms Brosche ruined it by reminding us that our Jane Eyre novel journals are due Monday. I still need to write the chapter summaries... Luckily Ms B is not cruel, and it's only one sentence a chapter.

Afterwards, we hung around. Other kids came into get stuff they'd left for the day in Ms B's room. I got an excuse to beat some some sense into Nick. I advised Erica and Michael to read Marmalade Boy. I paid a library fine, and treated myself to two Quaker Oats Oatmeal Berry bars. (I swear, I'm addicted. At least's it's low fat.)

And now I'm home, listening to Kouri no Naifu o Daite.

And Ava just e-mailed me; I'd better check it, you know?

What a nice day!


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