May. 26th, 2004

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But first, here's a little dialogue...

Van Dyke-sensei: Answer in Nihongo. Por favor.

[Japanese Skit. I'm writing it in Romaji first, just to be superior, and then I'll translate it.]

Matt-kun: Kouen ni ikimashou ka?
Sean-kun: Hai, ikimashou.
Atashi: Hai. Basu de ikimasu ka?
Matt-kun: Hai, sou desu.

---time elapse---

Atashi: Hottodoggu ga suki desu ka?
Sean-kun: Iie, kino hottodoggu o tabemashita.
Matt-kun: Piza ga suki desu ka?
Atashi: Iie.
Sean-kun: Aa, koneko o tabemashou ka?!

*Atashi wa Sean o punch-shimasu. (?)*

Sean-kun: Itai...
Atashi: Hottodoggu ga suki desu ka?
Sean-kun: Itadakimassssssu...
Matt-kun: Getsuyoubi ni kouen ni ikimasu ka?


Matt: Shall we go to the park?
Sean: Yes, let's go.
Me: Yes. Do you want to go by bus?

---time elapse---

Me: Do you like hot dogs?
Sean: No. I ate hot dogs yesterday.
Matt: Do you like pizza?
Me: No.
Sean: Oh! Shall we eat kittens?

*I hit Sean*

Sean: Ouch...
Me: Do you like hot dogs?
Sean: Thank you for treating me...
Matt: Are you going to the park on Monday?

Illpalazzo says:
i love yuu
Kaley says:
me or yuu?
Illpalazzo says:


That was our peer conversation skit today, written by me, Sean and Matt. The Kitten Thing was Sean's idea. I said okay, as I long as I got to hit him.

Sean said if I let him borrow my YYH DVDs, he'll stop hitting on me. (He's also "Illpalazzo.") Not sure I believe him.

In other news, to connect to my subject line, I was elected Historian for next year's Exec Board in Choir. Oh yeah. Basically, I record the events of the year, piece together the scrapbook and other fun things. I'm required to be at every social event. (*hahahaha*) I just need to buy a camera. And probably help the other Exec members with various things.

Most of the people elected were from my class this year. Rana is Asst Treasurer, Stori is Secretary, Krystelle is vice-president, I forgot what Arlene was elected...

Yearbooks came out today. I'm in the Cardclub and Womens Glee pages. I had a choir rehearsal the day they took pictures in Japanese club, so... Darn, huh?

I look awful in all pictures. I appear 3 times on the glee club page. And they quoted me. I even got a close up, and my hair and glasses are horrendous. Horrendous. I imagine it was Stuart's doing, since I missed the Jclub picture. Or Ms. Brosche, she likes me.

Next year, I will be behind the damn camera! Ahahahahahahaha!

On the Jclub page, there was also a picture of Sammy's little stuffed bear, Kenshin. She lost him a few months ago. ^_~ Plus Moriah and Sammy eating pocky.

Kazaa just finished downloading! Yea!



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