May. 27th, 2004

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Music alone shall live
Music alone shall live
Music alone shall live
Never to die

Today was the last choir concert of the year, so that explains why I began with one of our warmups. I stayed at school all day; didn't want to go, change and come back because there was rehearsal right after school. I had fun. We rehearsed Colors of the Wind, then I changed, watched the Concert Choir, Womens Ensemble, Kiel and Andie, Mens ensemble and Donna and Kirk rehearse. Then Michael Iforgothislastname (not the Michael mentioned previously; the one who won Newbie at the choir banquet) and I went to KFC for dinner; I treated. Came back, hung around the theater with Hannah, Rana, and everyone. I got up and did ballet in my freaking heels, I was so cheery.

We recorded Deo Gracias, Hush, and Petit Enfant. The we broke again so they could record Popageno/Popagena. (Mozart, gotta love him.) Hung around more. Backstage, before we went on, I just flipped through Rana's yearbook. For awhile.

We sang Colors. I felt awesome.

I watched most of the rest of the concert through the side stairs. Then I just went and sat in the audience because Elizabeth, Corrine, and Arlene were already there.

The wild card acts were Bon Bon (yes, that is her name) and Marva, Joanne and their friend (who's name I do not know.) I've sat with Joanne almost all year in Biology and I had no idea her voice was so fantastic. Bon Bon sang Norah Jones (whom I hate; yet I loved her rendition) and Marva & co sang Michelle Branch, Marva playing guitar.

Everyone screamed and cheered as concert choir came on, especially for Hannah. As our accompanist and Treasurer, everyone knows her and we all love her to death. She just covered her face with her music.

But the best, as my dad said, was Kiel. Amazing tenor, damn shame he's graduating.

Stori emcee-ed the event. She kicked ass.

I almost cried backstage at the end, getting my stuff. I hugged Miss Palermo, called goodbye to Lizandra (my best friend in that class) and left. I didn't to hit my dad up to go to Makaiyo's (sp?) with everyone.

Of course, since I'm an ass, I mentioned it anyway, and he felt bad. Stupid.

OHHHH! We had coffee house in choir, for our performance Tuesday night. Basically we just eat donuts and drink hot chocolate or coffee as everyone performs little things. I read a poem I wrote. Which I also lost, since, as previously mentioned, I'm ass. Gonna try to replicate it real fast, excuse me...

Cold rain
White pain
Is all I feel

No oxygen
Is all I know

Is it day or night, love?
Am I hot or cold?
Is it time to find me, yet, oh, please...

Lost in mud, and
Drowning in blood
My heart is thumping

You never really cared, love.
You never gave a damn
So now I'm going to tell you...

I'm going to tell you..
Tell... you...
Oh, damn...

Whoo, I think that's it. Yeah, pretty sure. Go me!

I slept in Japanese and Geometry. I couldn't help it. I couldnt find my exam review packet (think I lost it too after scaring Heather with it in PE) and I just didn't give a care and the stupid teacher lets you sleep. Not like Sensei, who NAILS ME EVERY TIME...

The subject line is a song title from Concert choir.

I need to relax, add dearest Kim to my friends list, finalize weekend plans, and other such things.

I'm so beat, I'm so bittersweet.
I'm heartbroken, I will always be beholden
To anyone who can raise a voice in song,
Keep that melody sweet and long.

All writing on this page (c) Kaley T. Steal and be sued.



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