May. 30th, 2004

Mall Crawl

May. 30th, 2004 06:11 pm
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Argh. I'm so bad.

Fronzia called right before I left for breakfast w/Daddy and Sam. I completely forgot My Plan: Hang out with F. in the morning, and then take her to Starbucks with Kim and Heather. Just like the old days in PE. Before all this GED crap. When Fronzia and I annoyed and freaked out K&H talking about YYH. (KH... *giggle*) Fronzia started my DVD collection. She didn't want her Three Thieves DVD, and so gave it to me at the beginning of the school year. She was like my first real friend in this dusty, horrid place.

Hell, she's the only YYH fan I know of who hates Kurama. She even believed in the Kurama/Hiei and Kurama/Karasu issues.

I felt like such a rotten friend, blowing her off until tommorrow. AT 12:30!


Kim or Heather (cant remember who) mentioned it, asked where she was and if she couldn't hang out w/us. My mom was mad at me, too, for blowing her off. I evaded the issue both ways.

So! Breakfast at the terrible Terrible's with my family, I stayed long enough to finish a glass of chocolate milk. Got to Barnes & Nobles some minutes after Kimz and Heatherzzzzz. (We're like in Kim's posse. Like, yo, dawg.)

We got Starbucks-- Kim got a Vanilla thing, I got a Strawberry Creme, and Heather got a corrupted vanilla thing. I spotted an issue of Jump and tried to (and failed) to read, drink, and talk at the same time. We discussed Lindsey Lohan (Lo-en or Lo-han, we don't know), Leslie Carter, Jessica Simpson's sister, and Hilary Duff.

I did my usual thing of making a complete idiot of myself, and gave KH a few laughs. I didn't mind. Well, I kinda did, but it's just the way I am, and hell. I do like to make people laugh.

We went to Torrid at the Mall to find something for Kim to wear for her Graduation. No luck. We tried Hot Topic for some reason-- probably just because we like it.

They didn't have the InuYasha shirt I was obsessing over around my birthday, they had an even better one!

I'm currently discussing the IY shirt with my parents; Mommy told me to do the dishes. I remind her that she said she would buy me an InuYasha shirt for my birthday. She reminds me that got this nice computer. I say I don't care; buy me the shirt! Mommy tells Daddy to sell the comp., but I know they won't, they love it as much as I do!!

So I bugged Heather and Kim to loan me a little money.

"For what?"
"An InuYasha shirt!"
"If it was a really good CD, maybe. 'Here, Kaley! Let me borrow it.'"

They also didn't have the Tinkerbell and Cheshire Cat wristguards. This made me Very Angry.

I bought dippin dots to make myself feel better. Course I almost got HK to kill me, since I ate slowly to avoid brainfreeze. Heather helped me finish it. I bought a drink at Panda Express, and Kim bought us some Orange chicken. Yummy.

We checked Blue Anchor (or was it Anchor Blue?) and Foot Locker, but, alas, no luck.

Escorted Heather out. We were talking about metrosexuals and gays and men in general and George, and Heather said something like she wanted a man who wasn't afraid to be a man, wasn't afraid to be dirty. So I said I wanted a man who wasn't afraid to be rough. Kim and I just cracked up. I talked to K on msn and she still thinks it was funny.

Kim left for her bus stop afterwards. My parents aren't as bad as theirs. Kim's just suck, and Heather's dad is overcompensating. He's like 27, and isn't her bio-dad. My curfew was dark, theirs was 3:00.

Oh, and Kim noticed this little bendy Pumbaa toy in the fountain. Being the Disney baby I am, and having an extreme fondness for Lion King, I wanted it, but didn't want to get wet. KH got annoyed; it was like "Dammit Kaley! Stop obsessing over that stupid toy!"

Oh, also, a Heather N Me moment:

Me: You know, I'm always afraid I'll slip in these flips flops.
Heather: *walks faster*
Me: Hey, slow down!
Heather: But I want you to fall.

Anything more...?

Oh, I got eight reviews for my fic parodying YYH fanfiction. Apparently I can do humor. GO ME!

I wanna se I Love The 90s now!

I should study for finals.

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I colored my Botan scan. Isn't it pretty?


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