Jun. 7th, 2004

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Right, I saw HP3 yesterday. If you want to hear my account of every single change, I e-mailed it to Ava, so you'll have to ask her. All I will say is, the Sirius/Lupin fans will have one moment of glory.

Afterwards, er, I noticed a street that is SUPPOSED TO go right near my house. It didn't, and I got Heather n Me lost in the hot Vegas city-desert for awhile. I really am surprised she didn't kill me on the spot. Really, really surprised.

I swear, she'd had a heatstroke before and all I could think about was "Oh my God, what am I gonna do if something happens to her?!" If something HAD happened to her, I'd never forgive myself. Argh, argh, argh. I feel terrible.

If your curious to how I fared, in hindsight she actually seemed better off than me. I was tired when I got home, and dusty, and my shoulders are a little singed, but okay.

And she may have gotten in trouble for being late or some other crap... Damn damn damn.

*sighs* So, Movie = badly good, Aftermath = sucked. Remember that.

Sean was on IM when I got home, he's trying to break up with his girlfriend without depressing her further. Eeyikes. He's beginning to really confuse me. Sometimes I think he's coming on to me, sometimes I think he just wants to psychoanalyze me, and sometimes I really want to block him. I can't tell if he wants me to be his girlfriend, if he doesn't care, or if he's waiting for the riiiight moment...

I think the reason I really hate this is because, well, I'm not a social person. I don't confide in people very often. I mean, I desire friends, and love the ones I got, but still. I don't get close enough to bear my soul. I don't know why. Sean has a way of forcing those insecurities and confessions out of me. I really, really hate that. Maybe forcing isn't the word, maybe it's worming?

*kills Sean*

On the really really bright side, I finally got to IM Ava. ^_^ That was Very Cool. We talked for four hours. Which was surprising, I normally never talk to anyone more than an hour. Not without awkward silent breaks.

(Currently my brother is accusing me of stealing his coke in a Mexican accent. He says I had my "little whore Hiei" run up the wall and ceiling, give it to me, take it back, and then Hiei disappeared with his "whorelike ways." I find this very amusing.)

Anyways, we discussed everything from HP movies to how all those fic stereotypes in DBZ romance got started to that moron Sean. She was reeeeally patient about Sean, and really, really good about getting my mind off him for awhile.

I swear, I will FORCE her to write a humor fic. I will. I will. Even if I have to torture Sevvie.

I was surprised at how dry her humor turned out to be, right on the spot. She has a way of cracking me up in the subtlest ways. Doesn't even realize she's doing it, I don't think.

Oh yes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

GEEZ! I just realized, we have a partly written Animorphs fic still stored on my webtv! Which my parents will delete shortly!

I lost a lot of what I'd written for it, though....

We'll see what happens.

So, in review:

Movie = badly good.
Aftermath = very BAD.
Ava = very GOOD.
Sean = sucks.

And you know what? Now I have a sudden urge to read Lupinfic.



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