Jun. 10th, 2004

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Must meet Choir geeks at Starbucks tomorrow. (<--I always spell that wrong! Argh!)

Have had several conversations on MSN w/Ava. She had me in convulsions last night. I was laughing so hard at... well, I won't say.

Just got back from lunch @ the mall. Sammy (as in my brother) is enjoying the video game he rented immensely. Apparently, the referee fights back. LOL.

I asked him yesterday if there were any phrases I overuse. I've noticed that. He said:

"Um, yeah. 'You suck,' 'That just sucks,' 'Well, you just suck,' 'Well that just sucks... And there's another one I won't say, you'll say it in five minutes."

"Like WHAT?"

"See, that's it!"

Online, I frequently seem to over use 'greetings, earthling,' 'aloha,' and the words 'clever' and 'cute.'

Hmm... what else? I love my scanner, and Microsoft Picture It! and Paint. Used way too much.

Love the emoticons on this thing. I blocked Sean. Amanda e-mailed me, and MSN thought it was junk mail. LOL.

Amanda is mentioned below, but she's tiring me. Greatly.

She's getting really annoying. Most of my friends know I write fanfiction, and I sometimes discuss my ideas with them. Sammy (as in the recently graduated) for example was the first to read Sour Apple Jelly, Fiery Eyes and the Point of No Return.

Aaaanyways, whenever I mention an idea to them (such as my vague Naraku/Sango ideas), Amanda suddenly jumps in with "Oh, I'm in the middle of a fic just like that, only it's better in this certain way..." Argh. Everytime you've done something, she's done it, too, only better or worse somehow.


Ummmm... I wrote that fluffy as hell BotanxYukina shoujo ai. It's sickeningly fluffy. The angsty one is sort of at a dead end, and so is the Kurama/Shizuru fic. *bangs head* But I still have Kazumeo and Yukiet! Stereotype is finished.

I read volume 5 of RuroKen yesterday, and most of vol. 2 of Saiyuki. Tsubame is loosely based off of Hotaru. ^_^

Must write YahikoxTsubame. I must, I must, I must. I love Tsubame, she's so cute. I need to write more Kenshin in general. I have two Kenfics and a poem up. Must remedy that.

I have Ice Blue Eyes... Must listen to it. *stops Kurama no Theme* Bingo!


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