Jun. 27th, 2004

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Well, hung out with Heather, Kimz, and George today. Fun. I annoyed them all by reading aloud from "George W. Bushisms." Funny, funny book. It was a collection of his misquotes and generally stupid things he said. My response was along the lines of, either that man is a complete moron, or he thinks we are. I mean, he goes into this spiel about how he voted against interracial dating, and then says he agrees with it? I admit, some of those could be common mistakes; I have difficulty speaking at times. The words form in my brain too quickly for my mouth to speak them right (or for my fingers to type, at times). And the whole issue of trying to force an amendment to make gay marriage illegal?

My favorite was when he complained about not being able to talk about religion and spirituality in public. *snorts* We're not all Republican Conservative Super-Christians, my friend. No official religion. No church-and-state mixing. Discussing religion is fine, but it usually ends up in an argument. *snickers* Ava and I tried it once; we usually do agree on about 85% of the subjects we discuss, and neither of us are especially mean, but things automatically got really tense. Religion is just one of those super-topics where that happens. I'm a Democrat Liberal Mini-Christian, I don't attend church, I don't exactly make a point of remembering my prayers before bedtime, and yet I'm still super-opinionated.

*sighs* We hung around the mall, did our usual stints. And then hung out at the playground at Orr Middle School. Played some hacky sack. Threw things at George. I sat on him and then Kim threw me off.

I got tired after awhile, lack of sleep + a little headache from the swings (which I still feel) + wanting to get home before mother. (#3 didn't work out.)

I watched some of All Grown Up. I like it better than the original Rugrats, I have no idea why. I almost want to write a fanfic about Kimi. Or Susie. I always liked Susie. Or both Kimi and Susie. They have some friendship-fresh scenes.

Nothing else of real importance, I guess.

EDIT: Forgot this. Think of that pic of Yukina-chan where she bops herself on the head and sticks out her tongue.

98% of teenagers have used pot, either experimentally or on a regular basis. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy and paste this into your journal.


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