Jul. 3rd, 2004

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Today I am so morose it's pathetic. I had to meditate 15 times just to get the image of Tina and Ebenezer playing Ms. Pac Man out of my head. They were my best friends. Now I loathe them. I don't need this shit, I have too much Grand Theft Auto to play to deal with that. Right now I'm listening to Twisted Sister and all it's doing is making me more morose. Ebenezer can go choke on a chicken bone for all I care. I feel like I am completely by myself, and dressed only in black. I'm gonna IM Jenn and see if she wants to get a milkshake before I die of shock.


Well, HieixKurama fanfiction readers are short one good writer now. That's all I'm going to say on the subject, except for I'm almost ready to give up the pairing for good. >.<

At least I still have KuwabaraxYukina.
perpetuity: (Cutie b&w Botan!)
Irony of ironies, I just submitted 'Wasted Time' to poetry.com 'cause I figured I'd never hear from them again, and then I get a letter from them in the mail, inviting me to their convention in Reno!

The only bad thing is to get in for poets, it'll be $595.00. Which sucks. But it's luckily not to far from here, so who knows?

They're going to make a TV show, and they want everyone to bring a poem they can read in less than a minute... they mentioned giving out Shakespeare trophies... They said to be ready to talk about yourself... *glee!*

Daddy is suspicious because he says you shouldn't have to pay almost $600 to get into a convention if they're honoring me, but they're probably honoring very many other people. They just said I was a poet for 2004... ^_~

I'm so happy! Yea!

And there were very expensive cash prizes... Very expensive... !_!

Yeeeee~a! Cheer! Joy! Fun things! Delirium! Tickled-pink-ness! Yatta ze! Good! Insert more exclamations of good things!

Argh. Last minute note: the least possible expense for this $1100+.

God damn it.

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