Jul. 5th, 2004

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Yeah. That.

Fourth of July is not a happy day in my house, usually. My mom's mother, my grandmother, died very early in the morning on the fourth of July, when I was six. Sam wouldn't have been four quite yet, I don't think... No, if I was six, usually he'd be four, but that was before Aug 23, so yeah, he'd be three, closer to four. And coincidentally, my mom's father died the day before Mother's Day one year, my dad's grandfather died on Valentine's Day (1 month and 1 day before I was born, exactly), my great-aunt died on either Rosh Hashannah or Yom Kippur; not being Jewish, I don't know the difference or how to spell it...

Every one in my family, both sides, dies on a freaking holiday! (I'm reserving Christmas.)

BUT ANYWAY. Why is my brother a jerk?

Well, that day Mom and I were planning to go to Wet n Wild. Usually I'd squirm out of it some way, because I've had my fill of pools and water parks, and because the Wet n Wild on the Strip is crap compared the one back on I-Drive in Orlando. They don't have those cool big slides, like the Surge, the Fuji Flier, or the Bubba Tub. Or even the Bubble Up!

But I digress. Fourth of July usually ends in an argument between someone and my mom. She has a hair-trigger temper, this makes it worse, so does my brother, and while I calm down quickly, I get angry quickly as well.

I was eager not to be that someone today, so I agreed to going silently and nicely. Daddy doesn't like water parks, he's overweight & currently doesn't have a bathing suit, so he's allowed. (I've also seen him wear jeans for the first time very recently. It was quite odd.)

BUT ANYWAY. (This is very roundabout...)You know, I'll save space and just cut the rest of this. )
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I even got the same result she did! Yay--, excuse me, Yea! ^_^


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