Jul. 7th, 2004

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They always plan meetings on those days my mom is off and wants to go to Wet n Wild! Which is not a good excuse. To either party!

"Mom! It's a choir thing!"

"You won't go!"

Or, I can just imagine what Carlos and Krystelle would say if I told them....

"I can't go, my mom says I have to go to Wet n Wild."

"Yeah, right, Kaley! That's so stupid."

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edit: I started writing an original fic... hopefully just a short story... and I gotta tell ya, I watch way too much crime drama my friends. It's about a girl named Elena who remembers everything... or so she thinks... Got kinda dark kinda fast. Finished a page and about a half...

I wish my brain would stop playing with my other idea, one of those sci-fi/fantasy... I explained it to my mom as 'post-Apocalyptic, but not.' No Apocalypse. I want to hurry up and I see if I can get it on paper...

It's about a girl named Alexandria. She lives in a time centuries in the future, where by then the top scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists have developed a series of chemicals and therapies to completely stamp out hate in the world.

Except for the rare few where neither drugs nor therapy works on.

Like Alexandria.

Of course, since she is still capable of that unattractive hate, Alexandria is second class. She's a servent... to none other but the world's leader, the Lord of Love (cheesy, I know) and his wife, Jezeberu.

Off-topic commentation; the goverment of alien planets and civilizations versus our own in fiction. )

To keep hate completely out of the general public, all documentation of the world at war, racism, and everything else -- every single text to ever survive from Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, right up to the documents written in Sequoyah's (sp?) Cherokee alphabet, in every language... English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Mayan, Afrikaan, everything... is all kept locked away in grand palace where only the rulers and the top scientists, psychologists, and psychiatrists can get to them...

And Alexandria. *smirks*

But my brain isn't quite ready to write it. *sighs*


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