Jul. 10th, 2004

Yeah. Um.

Jul. 10th, 2004 03:34 am
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Well, there was a choir meeting. Which was boringly boring, so I'll not waste your time.

I was starving today. I managed to eat two KFC Snacker sandwiches, a individual Popcorn chicken, and potato wedges... PLUS a drink! Unusual.

I changed my FF.N name again. *shrugs* I think my YYH ficcing has slowed. Permanently? No idea. I tried various combinations of Loony, Luna, and Lovegood, but apparently I lost my chance of that. *mourns* I'm now "Subtract Nymphadora." And now I have HP fics, some involving Tonks, so now I don't feel bad! Of course, the name refers to Tonks not wanting to be called by her name... *smirks*

My token 'pissed off!' icon: Hiei. See him; isn't he pretty?

I'm getting bored of the Shinobu Sensui, young and bloody, pic, and since he freaks Wraithlord42 ^_~, might as well get a new one. Not sure about my pretty manga-Botan though...

Maybe I'll join an icon community just to swipe icons... heh heh heh... I only get three, I might as well enjoy it!

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I've decided, in case the four of you who read this (Ava, Kimz, Jinako-chan, and Wraithlord42 *waves*)care, to write a Harry Potter fic series! Yay!

It's about Sirius's various family members; all those evil bastards people burned off on their family tree.

I believe I shall call it... Blood Timelines! *evil laughter*

Here's a sampling; my first HP fic. It's about Tonks and her mother, Andromeda, about to go into Malfoy Manor.

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Yes, this was a shameless plug.


Jul. 10th, 2004 10:56 pm
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Adopt a Morph has an Erek sprite! Adopt a Morph has an Erek sprite!

*dies happy*


....this random insanity brought to you by my mad fangirling for Erek King. Thank you, and have a nice day.


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