Jul. 17th, 2004

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I wrote a Kuwabara x Yukina poem on FF.N, and it got flamed.

The flamer told me to reply to her, but the address she left was fake. And when I went to her ff.n profile, she didn't display her e-mail.

Her address was 'netscape.com,' but I changed the '.com' to '.net' and resent the e-mail. Let's hope...

Here's the flame. Gotta say her grammar is better than the last one, though. )

I think the biggest word I used in that poem was 'smoldering.' I said that to my mother, and she responded with a "Well, maybe every word is too big for her. She's playing with your head, honey." (have I mentioned my mother is a conspiracy theorist?) >.< Kuwa-chan is NOT stupid. He's NOT. *snuggles Kuwabara plushie*

[edit: Another reviewer agreed that 'smoldering' is indeed the biggest word in the poem.

I also mentioned I sent a nice long essay on how Kuwabara is NOT stupid, but... Got a very nice reply, the basic message of which was "Sorry, let's be friends!"

I described it to my dad at dinner as "I was just sitting at the computer with a big question mark on my face." I told my mom and she said that was probably Ice Apparition Princess's idea the whole time.

"Sometimes people do that."

"Piss you off so you'll like them?"

"Piss you off so you'll reply."


So... whatever.

Here is a good essay on what's become of FF.N. CYOA and Mary Sue are taking OVER.]


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