Jul. 25th, 2004

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Fandom specific. Spoilers. Homosexuality.

Eh. It just annoys me. I'm very proud of FUNimation for keeping Itsuki gay. He says he wanted Sensui as his lover--which is quite true.

But the completely forget Itsuki and Sensui are in a relationship. Watch the English uncut, and it's like Itsuki is a heartless bastard who's more of a obsessed stalker than a lover to Sensui. *snickers* I'll say Itsuki is a bastard, as he is willing to just watch Sensui's corruption. But the obsessed stalker bit, about following Sensui and killing his opponents--complete BS. And completely pointless. Just like the part about Itsuki's pet Uraotoko being a trash collector.

And Sensui is even madder than he really is. Japanese Sensui is definitely insane. No doubt. But English Sensui is a goddamned fanatic!

But really, my only objection in all of it--

Itsuki in English: "It's true, I wanted him for my lover."

Itsuki in Japanese: "It was as if I had acquired both a lover and time bomb."

Not direct, I'm sure. They're saying Itsuki wants, as if he doesn't have, Sensui, but in Japanese he's already his lover... argh!

Now I gotta write a cuddly Sensui x Itsuki fic... official yaoi, I love it.


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