Aug. 13th, 2004

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Are you a Seme or Uke?

I am so uke.

I have no problems with this result. Really. I don't. Not-a-one... And all of you other ukes, if the situation ever arises I'll just shut up, okay? Ifyouwantmeyoudoallthework.

This ties in so perfectly with what I was originally planning to share with you all.... *blushblushblush*

I was reading an anime trivia book at Suncoast today... and they asked what 'seme' and 'uke' really mean. *blushblushblushblush* Apparently, uke = 'to receive.' And, uhm, seme = 'to attack.' I felt my face and chest get all hot right in the middle of the store. -_-'' That is so damn kinky...

You know, I always had this thing where my brain would never remember what seme and uke meant... I don't have that problem anymore. -_-''

Daddy bought digicamera yesterday. Sucks. But what do you expect for $25? ^^;; The pics tint weird. I look terrible; my hair isn't brushed or anything. ^^;;

I don't know when school starts for me. *nervous laugh*

Got another one of those letters for or something... they want to read one of my poems and give me a pretty trophy... for $169 + $18 + FedEx fees. *snorts* Like hell.

Uhm. Also got a letter today to take Drivers Ed online for $69. Omoshiroi desu ne?

Got along with Sam today. ^^;; Yay.
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Yes, you. Two challenges for you:

First off, [ profile] felinephoenix issued a challenge at [ profile] animorphsfanfic. The challenge is to write a fic about a character in Animorphs that isn't written about much. If my Muse lets me (he's been quiet lately) I have a little humor Mr. King fic playing in my head... If you read and liked Animorphs, take it up. Please? I'm sick of those Rachel/Tobias fics. ^_^

Second off, I'm running a Shoujo Ai contest for [ profile] yyhyuri. The rules can be found in my latest post there. If you have any sort of YYH ideas for a shoujo ai fic, give it a shot! The top 3 each get a free request fic from yours truly...

OMG! I just realized it's Friday the 13th! No wonder!!!

My dad lost his PIN/ATM/whatever card and called to cancel it... And they canceled his card, and MOM'S CARD! For her personal account (they each have their own account + a joint account). They're pissed and looking for a new bank.

And [ profile] akai_senshi made a Kuwabara/Mitarai icon, and for some reason I can no longer upload icons... the LJ people told me to wait 5-15 minutes to refresh or try during non-peak hours... and the times they listed were GMT. *sighs* I'm Pacific. Considering I never taught myself the differences between time zones.... *tries again*


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