Aug. 22nd, 2004


Aug. 22nd, 2004 10:56 am
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My baby brother is turning 13 tomorrow. *sobs* And he's a foot taller than me! Even when I wear platform shoes!

*cough* We watched YYH together last night, but his TV sucks and it kept snowing out during the commercials. It only does that on channels highter than 54. And CN is 65.

Why do I watch the CN version? Morbid curiosity, I guess. I was curious as to how there were going to cover up Yusuke's 'Botan, prove to me who you are by telling me your boob size,' line. Sam guessed they would ask her weight. *snickers* Instead he just asked her 'measurements.'

That was one case where I though the English version was funnier. The Japanese translation was him asking her 'three sizes.' My best guess is that it was a Japanese thing, and the sizes were her breasts, her waist, and maybe her ass or her weight or something. *shrugs* But I got no clue.


Me: "Genkai owns... the other characters."
Sam: "...'s souls."

And then there were bouncy ball game show soul jokes...

On-Screen Genkai: "You really think they'll share that information [their abilities] with you?"
Sam: "Hello, my name is Sensui and my specialty is whatever you can think of."
Me: "Hello, my name is Sensui and my specialty is fucking you up. Emphasis on the fucking."

Which I can't believe I said (okay, maybe I can...)... but Sam has a bad influence on me. I'm surprised I didn't crack up laughing, that's usually what happens when I try to talk big like that.

Eh, that's what we do whenever we watch dubbed anime together. Sit around making gay and sex jokes. *sighs* It's Sam's fault. I was perfecly find just laughing at the bad dubbing, but he insisted... our favorite target is currently Mitarai. Though we had to pause Youko Kurama once because of all the HieixKuwabara jokes making us laugh... >.< We're bad, I know.

Anyway, mom said she might get me paid time for Christmas. I suggested 2 months, and when we saw that it'd only b5 $5, she said I might as well get a year. We'll see.
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Yeah. Uhm. Let's just say the new YYH DVD was bought today by my wonderful lovable indulgent mother, and I squealed so loudly at one of the scenes that she actually came in to ask what was going on.

I swear, if Yukina doesn't show up soon and let Kuwabara fawn over her, y'all can just kiss my fangirling over them good-bye. Yes, I just said 'y'all.' Shut up. >D

All the KuwabaraxYusuke... geez.

Koenma. Wants. Shinobu. You can no longer deny it. You just can't.

Stand out moments (English dub)

--Hiei calling Itsuki 'lover boy' and saying he was going to take away his means of reproduction. Ouch.
--Sensui saying Kuwabara needed to get his jigen-tou up. So wrong on so many levels.

The best part, though... for a brief, glorious moment, I actually liked Koenma and Kuwabara's English voices. Dunno who does Koenma's voice, but Kuwabara is voiced by Christopher Sabat, also the voice of Vegeta and Piccolo on DBZ. And after all that work... the guy finally learned how to act. *Very* nicely done. *Wonderfully* done. (By comparison, anyway.) Mr. Sabat, you've improved exponentially. I don't suppose you could keep it up...? I'm very proud of you!! Both of you. I was so sure English!Koenma would screw it up... but he rose to occasion magnificently.

Buy it. I implore it. Hear Youko Kurama sound like a girl!


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