Aug. 25th, 2004


Aug. 25th, 2004 01:06 am
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First, anime survey. Long. )

Uncle Mike took Sam & me to Texas Station (one of the hotel/casinoes) for dinner tonight. Cheap bastards had these microscopic slices of pie... Pumpkin pie. Yummy.

Hung around the arcade there for awhile... We left just as the arcade was closing; the big gate was almost down. Uncle Mike and I ducked it, but Sam didn't, and has a small cut by his eye. Ouch.

Read the first volume of Gravitation yesterday. I like. Eiri Yuki's a jackass. Hiro and Maiko are cool. Shuichi is just cute. *more*

School in a week. Damn.

I still have to do my chemistry homework... bad me.

I have three fic ideas in my head. One is Ava's birthday present, so I shall say no more. One is a Botan x Shizuru. And one is that big long thing... The Fuyuko Epic is what I shall refer to it, even though Fuyuko is not the star, she's just a big plot point. But since my title for it sucks like Koenma and Shinobu...

And I want to know the results of AHOG's Fanfiction contest. Liiiiiiiiisaaaaaa... it's been two weekends...
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Right, so I got the idea for a Mary Sue parodyfic... I was on my way home from Pizza Hut maybe 3 days ago or so... And the image popped into my head of Kurama and Kaitou on their way home from school and running into a girl getting beaten up. Kaitou tells them not to say a word, and then Taboos the words 'why,' 'not,' 'I,' 'should,' and 'shouldn't.' Of course, the guy doing the beating says 'Why shouldn't I?' and promptly loses his soul. Kurama erases the girl's memory and drops her off in the park, and Kaitou drags the bully-jerk back to Genkai's to get his soul put back.

And then it hits me with the force of an airplane carrying a dozen elephants carrying bricks:

That has got to be the Sueiest plot I have ever thought up!!

So then the Mary Sue Parody idea pops up. And then that song... 'and the cat came back, the very next day... the cat came back, they thought he was a goner but the cat came back... he just couldn't stay awaaaay...' And then after THAT... 'Hit the road, Shaq! Don'cha come back no more no more no more no more...' (Yes, I said Shaq. I'm from Orlando. ^^;; They played that on the radio when he went to play for LA)

The basic idea is the YYH boys dealing with a Sue that won't $#@&ing give up!

And I mentally wrote this scene of Hiei and the Sue right on the spot... ^^;; What do you think?

The Sue Came Back, the very next day... )

Um. I only had it mentally written to the part where Hiei and Sue decide on who Kuwabara is. So the rest sucks.

Hell, this could almost be a mini-ficlet on it's own...


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