Sep. 13th, 2004

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In a convenient, easy to read list for your perusing pleasure!

[Beware, it gets graphic. Femininely graphic.]

--Ran the mile in PE
--My locker refused to regurgitate my Japanese book in time for class
--My locker could only be convinced to regurgitate my World History book for a Hall Monitor
--Said regurgitation made me late for said class
--I forgot my notebook at home
--It had my Japanese homework in it
--Dude, I'm on my freaking period
--My sub in lunch only had one piece of cheese. Cheap bastards.
--The chip machines sell Baked Doritos, but not Baked Lays
--The only drink machine with no line was the Gatorade machine.
--I found out why: The Gatorade wasn't cold.
--I never found a spiral or composition notebook wih graph paper. In a panic, I bought regular graph, three-hole punched it, and stuck it in a folder.
--Mrs. Kot said that would not work, so she just gave me a surplus. I hate it when teachers do that. Because it always happens to me, and I always feel stupid or poor or something when I can't find that junk.
--My pad shifted at some point and I bled out on my very nice pants. Not to mention my underwear, but since people don't see my underwear, I kinda don't care.
--I'm waaay behind in Algebra. And the stupid teacher said the class was for those who 'desired' a 'rigorous' class. Crap, man, I have never desired rigorous classes! Maybe a rigorous English or Social Studies class, but not math. I hate math. But it's required for IB... crap, I don't care what my mom says. When we move and I get out of IB, I am freaking not taking advanced math classes. I'll deal with advanced science, but not math. Not today.
--Michael suggested Japanese club nominate me for Homecoming Duchess. I believe my reaction was "ATASHI JA NAI YO!" Not that I'm not flattered, but... crap, I won't even go to Homecoming. The only highschool dance I think I'll ever attend is my Senior prom. I'm not paying to go to a school dance, man. Not in this lifetime.
--Hannah still hasn't been able to get her schedule changed. And if she's taken out of IB, but not put into T&T, she has to change schools. And that just defeats the whole purpose...
--I'm out of pads. And as mentioned once before, tampons freak me out. I'm afraid of stabbing myself or something, or completely impairing my ability to have children. o.O That would hurt... though since I currently don't even want children... though that may change...

Half of that stuff probably isn't too bad, but I guess en masse it's a pain. Besides, I'm menstruating. It's an excuse for everything. XP

Uhm, good stuff... First meeting of Japanese club today. I may run for Japanese Historian as well. We'll see. Made some icons and bases. Maybe I'll post them later. A Hiei and two KeikoxBotan. Maybe I'll give myself the Hiei...


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