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More Dialogue

Mrs. Richards: "Women, go into the practice rooms."
*we go*
Carlos: "Hey, she said women, not little girls."
Lauren: "I know, Carlos, that's why you're staying out here."
*cue hysterical laughter from the whole choir*

Alonzo: "Everyone is entitled to my opinion." *shakes hand*

Lesse. Chem and Algebra suck. I need to ask my mother how to figure a negative exponent... somehow I never learned that. Or fractional exponents. Not Good.

Japanese was Pair Conversation day. Basic intros and school level things. I worked with Matt-kun. We had a mini-argument over the proper way to say "What's your name?" I said the short version is 'O namae wa?' and the long version is 'Anata no namae wa nan desu ka?' He claims its 'Anata wa nan desu ka?' Or something. I don't remember quite what he said. Sensei settled it; I had the proper-proper version. I hate being wrong.

We start Show and Tell soon. Only two sentences in '______ wa _______ desu' pattern. And my brain is dead, so all I can think of are '_______ wa ________ desu' sentences. Which sucks.

History. Notes on the Indus Valley civilization. *yawns*

English. Moriah worked tirelessly on drawing the Reeve, since I suck. I sketched other pieces of it. Blah.

Lunch. I bought these two huge cinnamon cookies. Yummy. ROTC bake sale or something. I chatted with Other!Michael, mostly. Watched Amanda and the boys play Yu-Gi-Oh. *yawns again* I gave him his first Japanese vocab: "Good afternoon, everyone!" We talked about Betelehemu, which he told me after school means 'Bethlehem.' We talked about how Mrs. Richards made him a tenor. I told him we'd work on it together; I can work on my soprano while he finds his inner tenor. =D He walked with me to my locker to snag my PE clothes, and we agreed to meet after school for more J-vocab and discussion of our voices.

PE. Badominton o shimashita. Atashi wa badominton ga jyouzu desu! XP Not really. Sucked as usual. Well, I can't serve worth a damn, but I'm okay.

Chambers. Funny moment with Carlos and Lauren detailed above. The Altos are teeny compared to the Sopranos (and monsrtous compared to the men!), and we were working on 'In The Bleak Midwinter' in one of the practice rooms. We found a little box of those Ice Breaker Liquid Ice. So Natalie distributed them (there was enough for each of us to have one) and we all took them on three. =D Natalie later said it was some Alto pact.

Once we went back out to work with the Sopranos, we tried to get the guys out of their room. But it was dark and they were against the door... so of course everyone does the whole 'whooooo!' thing about Carlos and Caleb. And Lauren called that she was kidding about the girl thing, and told Krystelle she had better get her boyfriend (Juan) out of there. Krystelle helplessly replied that he wanted to be there... inciting more laughter.

We got the guys out. Yesterday, Caleb and Carlos had an 'argument' over which of them would sing tenor. Caleb lost, and so joins Nate in our tenors. He's complaining now, and was told that if he can get the Tenor that always skips to come to class, he can sing bass with Juan and Carlos. *rolls eyes* Good luck.

Hannah and Caleb also made Honor choir, so yay for them. Exec board meeting tomorrow...

Talked more with other!Michael afterschool. Gave him the 'I/me' and 'you' pronouns.

Got on the Flamingo bus. Dear. There was a lady in a wheel chair who kept screaming at everyone to move back. Some girl with an attitude cussed her out and told her to shut up, so most riders simply laughed. She was worse than the driver. She was in no place to complain, belted down up front, taking up four seats as Sam later pointed out. I don't know what her problem was.

The funny thing is, all her screaming about how uncourteous people are just made all the riders act nicer to each other and laugh.

Anyway, I got off the bus, and immediately yelled 'Damn!' for forgetting to buy posterboard. Shoved my stuff at my bro and told him where I was going. He said to get him one, too. So I did.

And here I am. =)
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