Jul. 30th, 2004

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I managed to convince Sam to let me watch some YYH in his room. But since it's SAM and he always has to bitch about not being able to read subs, it was watched in English.

And anyway, we have decided...

Yusuke is Hiei's bitch.

Sniper is Sensui's bitch.

Seaman (not semen, no matter what my brother says) is Kuwabara's bitch.

Everyone is Genkai's bitch.

Kuwabara is Everyone's bitch.

Kurama is Everyone's cuddle-bitch.

Itsuki is Sensui's bitch.

Gamemaster is too young to be anyone's bitch, but he's Sensui's anyway.

Seaman is also Sensui's bitch.

Everyone is Sensui's bitch.

Sensui is his own bitch. For very spoilerish reasons.

Other than that, it ended because Sam kept skipping parts I wanted to see, because he claimed the part where *spoiler* *spoiler*-s is the only good part. Which made me roll my eyes in disgust and go crank up the radio.
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Right, I was walking to Barnes and Nobles today, just for the hell of it, and it hits me...

...I should make a Mitarai shrine!

Who is Mitarai? Minor Yu Yu Hakusho character. Click the 'comment' link to see a picture of him. He's the winner of the 'Bishounen [pretty boy] Who Most Needs A Hug' award. (and yes, he's everyone's bitch; see below)

Anyway, I've got maybe a fourth of his bio written, a name (Submerged) and a layout. And since I'm an html moron and even worse at layouts, what I did do... I think it's pretty darn good. Still bad, but okay.

His nickname is 'Seaman,' which makes my brother tease me by calling him 'semen.' *kills Sam* I had Mitarai on the brain, which is why I decided to make the site. So blame my brother if it sucks, mmkay?

In other news, Sean gave me the mp3 of Kurama singing Hohoemi no Bakudan. It is... so un-Kurama. I mean, you can TELL it's Megumi Ogata (his voice actress) singing, and you can even tell it's supposed to be Kurama... kinda... but... it's so HAPPY, I guess. Most of the songs Kurama sings are very melancholy and depressing, I suppose. He has a deep (when you consider his voice is done by a woman) voice, I guess, and it's very serious.

Hearing him/her sing "HO-HO-E-MI NO BA-KUUUUUUUUUU-DAN!" (hohoemi no bakudan: 'smile bomb') is actually quite weird. Amusing, though. It kinda sounds like how s/he'd sing it if drunk.


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