Sep. 10th, 2004


Sep. 10th, 2004 06:58 pm
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Hell on earth can be defined as listening to Puffy AmiYumi sing the Teen Titans theme, alternating English and Japanese, for all of time. Or even just once.

Jake x Tobias is much more difficult to write than I thought it would be.

Have to put up that Stu for [ profile] animorphsues.

I think I shall e-mail Maze Castle about the quote [ profile] nefariouskitten noticed that was from a fanfic. Poor dears.

Our weekly quiz in J2 was cancelled, due to only getting our practice/study sheets yesterday. So today we played some odd mix of charades and Pictionary. Sensei wrote different places in Japanese on cards that we drew, and then gave us a picture from her files that had an action. So we had to draw/act them out for the class to guess and put into sentences. I saved some of the more interesting ones for you all.

-Resutoran de terebi o mimasu
-Geemusentaa de gohan o tabemasu
-Taiikukan de hon o yomimasu
-Eigakan de shukudai o shimasu
-Kuko de suie o shimasu
-Suupa de Wayne's World o mimasu

In order, that's:

I watch tv at the resteraunt.
I eat rice at the arcade.
I read a book at the gym.
I do my homework at the movie theater.
I swim at the airport.
I watch Wayne's World at the supermarket.

*shrugs* It was amusing in class. There were ones about playing tennis at the park, and listening to the radio at the beach, but they weren't interesting. And I think I have 'suie' wrong... maybe one of the vowels is elongated?

And could someone please reccomend a good Japanese font download? Preferably one with a quick-n-easy 'how to use' guide? Methinks I will be appreciating the option of typing my homework in the future, considering my handwriting is more or less crap.

Met up with Arti before Early Bird. It's weird how many classes we have together without noticing. ^_^ Opposite ends of the room, I guess. I have Chemistry, History, English and PE with her. Plus Madrigals, Japanese, and English with Moriah, Japanese and History with Matt and Brandon, plus History and Madrigals with Donna. I like Moriah, Arti, Matt, and Brandon. I don't like Donna all that much. She's... just a sort of super girly airhead, the type of girl I dislike most. Being girly is perfectly cool. I was a pretty girly when I was a little girl... but... I can't explain it. She takes the airheadedness to ridiculous levels sometimes, but when she doesn't, she's pretty nice I guess. *sighs* Disregard that.

Why Arti is important and why I now have Madrigals/Chamber Singers. And more! )

Anyway, I had more musings on the Descent of Man, hominid Evolution, my nonexistant lovelife, Amanda, her friend Aaron, Hurricane Frances... but... maybe another day?

T G I F!
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Ava and I had fun finding colorbars. Shame we can't make our own... )


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